Two men charged for alleged involvement in international people smuggling ring

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Two men have been charged accused of being involved in an international people smuggling ring.

It's alleged the men were the 'shore party' who would...

Posted 1 year ago

Peter Valli 1 year ago

We have a f...king crona virus here and these c..ts are bringing f....king virus riddled f...ks in the the country wtf

Keith Gregory 1 year ago

stop smuggling people smuggle cigs more money in it and safer

Sam Juster 1 year ago

Are thay out on bail yet
I will be surprised if there not

Boon Ney 1 year ago

Sent from the ccp to invect us aussies

Mars Acrux 1 year ago


Kelly Maat 1 year ago

Probably foreigners themselves, who sell out there own people and already sold their relatives into slavery.

Lauren Reardon 1 year ago

Disgusting. Those poor people.

Dustin Long 1 year ago

It's called slavery. Making people work for no pay. Slavery