WKRG - LIVE: Large police presence at Lowes. UPDATE:...

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LIVE: Large police presence at Lowes.

UPDATE: Shots fired in the I-65 area.

For a recap on today's earlier protest visit: https://bit.ly/3gLJpNd

Posted 2 years ago in Crime & Tragedy

L.A. McLean 2 years ago

She better make sure she don't say no crazy stuff. 🤣🤣🤣

Debbie Honeycutt Farmer 2 years ago

Camera person sure need to be still. ALL over the place.. She been live and not even knowing it.. Wow not organize at all.

Katie Stagner 2 years ago

Prayers of Protection for our law enforcement

Abigayle Dianne 2 years ago

Every time I get an update my stomach hurts . Please God be with all of the protesters and anyone else involved

Alexis Hood 2 years ago

Now how are they going to run out of Lowe with a stove 😂

Detra Knapp 2 years ago

I was praying for peace that people could do a peaceful protest. This is so sad! Things will never be the same.

Abigayle Dianne 2 years ago

When we drove by not more than an hour ago there were cars backed up down the service road and bro there must’ve been 40 cops cars

Dawn Weed 2 years ago

They need to stop. This has nothing to do with anybody being murdered.
They all need to be arrested.

Stacey Sjolander Rhodes 2 years ago

I don’t think she knows she is live half the time bless her heart she’s scared I’m sure and trying to get is the best information as fast as possible

Susan Brewer 2 years ago

This is awful!!!! We will be back on curfew by tomorrow!!!