This is the $1.5 million Maybach Landaulet G-Wagen | Facebook

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This is an incredibly rare Maybach Landaulet G-Wagen worth $1.5 million 😱

Credit: Supercar Blondie
This button watch this This is like a luxury G Wagon You take this on a safari Look at these cushions here this year is Super cool This Cup holders can either be cooled or heated for hot drinks This here is for your champagne champagne glasses We got the beautiful Maybach logo here This here we can do some work We'll have some lunch on your tray This is the major delay and it cost over one and a half million dollars only 90 -, nine of these babies were built and I'm in one Look how locks this is Look at this You can also fit little drinks in there Space for who knows what your jewelry Dream there is here on the back You can adjust this little Oh there you go Love with your champagne and watch the draft Who knows what it's crazy Alright let's get the drive show This is the same height as a G wagon four by four square so you sitting up really high It's a Vtwelve turbo with over 600 horsepower Should we go We're on a private airstrip here Let's look at this The really cool thing to show you Look at this Privacy screen and then you can also frost it I mean come on how cool is this cost This is a lot guys

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