Christie celebrates Scotland's win

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"I hope everyone back home is having a party tonight!" 🥳

Just look how much it means to Ryan Christie! 🥺

Scotland are heading to Euro 2020! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Posted 11 months ago in Sports

Vicky Anderson 11 months ago

Just listening to this lad again, it's so emotional, he played amazing . Brilliant for Scotland and for every player and tram member.

Michael Eedy 11 months ago

Well done Scotland, haven't seen a set of players so happy and emotional as that for a long time!

Lee Cooke 11 months ago

I’m an Englishman! Just want to offer my congrats to the Scotland nation/team! This video is great to see! Fantastic!

Kay Nathalie 11 months ago

Fantastic game . We were on the edge of our seats! Well done Scotland . Very proud to have you in the Euros along with us

Lisa Butler 11 months ago

Nobody saw it in the pubs cause they closed at 8 in some parts of Scotland. Just couldn't bring it forward so they could enjoy it with their friends in my pub, not having a party mind you. Congratulations Scotland deserved win.

Deborah Carstairs 11 months ago

Well done guys, you all deserve the win. Marshall what a save.

Michael Byron 11 months ago

I will be supporting our celtic cousins at the Euros.

Nikki Parker 11 months ago

Lovely to see this emotion. Well done Scotland and to all my Scots pals, made up for you! When people say "it's just a game" they havnt got a clue. 💙❤

Nosh Pits 11 months ago

Well done to Scotland. Thoroughly deserved and it just goes to show, when you have a bunch of young players with desire and determination, how successful you can be.

Paul Sweeney 11 months ago

For folks from Italy , spain and france who pretty much qualify for every major international competition this is whats it feels like for a wee country to get there. A wee country with a massive heart that is. Christie is such a talent and seems a gem of a lad , only wish he was still playing for the dons . Im sure his mum and dad are proud of the lad he has become.