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Posted 12 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Kristen Hanby 12 months ago

posting 2 videos a day 😈

CJ Neale 12 months ago

Your cleaning bill must be mad 🤣

Gene Holbrook 16 days ago

Good girl natalie you guy ot him! Serves him right lol!

Clark Milligean 11 months ago

Do these people actually think that people with half a brain 🧠 believes this crap... unless she is in a coma, she knows what is going on.. what CRAP...

Justin Suarez 12 months ago

That was the best. Back fires are more entertaining than the trick being performed.

Víctor De León 12 months ago

Already saw to many videos with the same prank getting boring is obvious that she is awake... You can do better be creative.

Lucy Mabis 11 months ago

I love it. He would be contacting a proctologist if he did any of those stunts to me.

Ganga Gurung 12 months ago

I knew already that she wasn't sleep at all 😅😅she was still awake and she was just waiting to finish burger prepared 🤔hahaha it's too funny 👍👍keep it up guys

Trevor Chaston 11 months ago

how contrived!!! If fb keeps "suggesting" these videos for me, I'm out. No original humour here, too many people are way too easily pleased.

Trevor Neigebauer 11 months ago

funny stuff but it's strange how this entire family always sleep during the day on couches.?.. or ocd cleaning all day.. lol