Match of the Day

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Match of the Day....... The greatest scene from any film ever ⚽️

Posted 22 days ago in TV & Movies

John Whitfield 21 days ago

Best football scene of all time
Also got a t shirt of that scene

Michael Johnson 21 days ago

Brian Glover - superb! 🤣

Neil Anderson 21 days ago

True Northern grit, a classic

David Sherwood 20 days ago

Great film, though Gregory’s Girl has a better looking striker!

Carole Wakefield Kay 21 days ago

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant !!!

Paul Hitchcock 17 days ago

Absolutely brilliant scene the match with the late Brian Glover aka Bobby Chalton so funny 🤣
Great actor he was also great in An American Werewolf In London RIP💔

Gareth Payne 19 days ago

Reminds me of our sports teacher Mr Derek Fly, boy was he a shouter

Terry Jolliffe 19 days ago

Many parts of that scene reminds me of school football back in the day - 70s. Got the personalities down pat. Country NSW rather than Northern England, but pretty much the same, especially trying to play in freezing weather.

Hayley Bugler 20 days ago

Brilliant love the over enthusiastic PT teacher Brian Glover who obviously dreamed of being a professional footballer 🤣

Bill Canavan 21 days ago

Brilliant clip from a fantastic film.
Must watch it again, for the umpteenth time. 👍