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Live afternoon psychic and mediumship readings. X
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Hello and good afternoon Roman Lace. I'm just waiting until some of you come along and join me for an afternoon session So just waiting here you all became from picking the kids up from school cuz no doubt I am the school run I think cool I would say holidays. I don't know I don't know how good this week that is it this week. The bridge right Okay, we already got this holidays I'm showing you did so I think so yeah So I'm just yeah I can see that I'm live. It's gonna be the first one to comment on this afternoon Who's it gonna be Let's have a look I got one of you now with me Welcome and good afternoon and it's Tommy Lee Kelly How are you doing? Tommy here Donut Brain disease No. How are you doing Stevie How we doing Laura Smith Pamela Rountree got my gorgeous sunny leads Matthew Flay watching how you doing my man? How are you doing? Love the Katlin and a massive inflammation always called chef So it's put chef Alright my love and Jerry series I don't know if I pronounced that right darling and Jessica Divas Taylor how you doing? William Dillon, Tracy Harrison. Tell me Louis Boston Absolutely Fantastic to have all my Lillian's Loveless joining me this afternoon and I've got some exciting news I want to say thank you to every single one of you that got me through to the nominations again for the second year running to the wonderful. So Spirit magazine now this is what you guys have nominated me far Okay Best favorite tarot card reader Yeah Best P Psychic medium psychic favorite social media influencer I think I've got that right the best website so again like last year have been nominated in four different categories Now it's down to you guys Cannot win again for the second year running Well not being achievement if I can Okay So I'm gonna ask you all when actually post a link You will some point when you watch I'm gonna ask you again To continue voting for me but like I say thanks to you guys, I've been nominated for for again That's fantastic. So yeah Just wanted to highlight that and say thanks So I'm here again this afternoon doing spirit messages and also intuitive guidance several Christopher Island. This is I voted for all you are Emily Thank you for that Wow, congratulations. Let you and your team deserve it Yeah. Thank you but I'm gonna win them all yet but I have been nominated so you know, let's see so when you want to do now, folks is share the video share the video into as many many groups as she can Yeah also share with family share with friends. The more you share the Martians is if you can straight back up to the top and I can see you there so who Reading lies with me Liam the people's medium right here right now Select see where I am going on this load to be saying I voted for lamb Well, thank you folks. Thank you It means a lot so sharing around lots of congratulations coming on the page as well and I am with Nicole Braman how you doing? Nicole lovely here with me and I'm gonna pull Cancer straight out for your ground yourself It's all about grounding yourself. My darling being destructed unfocused tyrant and irritated is not gonna do yourself any favors. Nico you need to ground yourself Okay. Mentaling Let's look at the next Cabinet again. It just time with the other cat is all about prioritizing focus only on your highest priorities right now. The Co Okay Y'all look Want you to know they will help get you motivated Okay darling Much much love to you and this is a spirit collection committing culting you to share the video Get the video out there sharing to as many many groups as you can Yeah the moisture the merchants, the easy becoming straight back up to the top and getting a live reading with me who wants it Now I have an elderly spirit lady coming in here and I'm And now she's pulling back a little bit here right? Okay Let me talk to us. Let me talk to see what she has to say Okay the first time she's given me is Victoria Okay Victoria She's she's someone's grandmother. Definitely a grandmother. Mother size. She's mentioned pictorial names. Ellen Okay Her name is Ellen R Helen cuz she's going me me It's me Okay So I'm quite sure that is her name so Have a look then she's just had a baby lily. I'm somebody within the family recently given birth just had a baby Okay now she's also mentioning Aileen over in spirit. She's telling me she's very well spoken as well Really, really well Spoken is this lovely little idea? I'm gonna put in the mid 70 s well spoken and she's saying I'm so much better now that I'm over here she really always been Spirituality in spirit and everything like that so she says he didn't come as no big surprise when I left my physical body as you mention some you some over in spirits with her as well Okay. Now I do know I do know there's a big birthday celebration coming up in October before this lovely family Okay and she's saying I'm going to be there I wouldn't miss it for the world. The son name the song Unfold connects here F O R D Yeah. That's how we spell this knowing the end soon fault connects here with this lovely lovely lady Wow Look she is she really really is okay she did pass with a hot condition Hot failure being corrected here That's what this lovely lady with the spirit and she just wants to come through She's so joyful. She's so joyful. She really Is saying I'm happy and I'm content over here I don't need you all to worry about me So if anyone was recognized in this beautiful beautiful land that I got here with me right now, she's saying Rose she's giving me the name rose as well Please do pop. Don't puppy comment here so same two puppy comments onto the visitors post Okay and I can catch you later that within hopefully bring it back to me She says I'm well Well I'm well don't worry about me as she now goes back over to spirit lovely lovely energy as I said if you recognizing her please pop your comments onto the visitor's post Okay so continue to share the video folks. I'm gonna got to comment and share the video Share the video into as many many groups that you can don't forget share with family share with friends They may just get a message Okay So get it Whatever you come folks and let's see where we going next Let's see where I'm going next to sharing around the most common folks. Get sharing. Let's get outlet and I am with Anahi How are you doing on a lovely to have you here and your ground up straight away connects for you Anna and says don't be worrying about me dry it. Cheers. You don't need to cry is telling me this being tough times around you on a but he's doing fine this ground that and fail is your mom's dance Okay and is saying you're looking as beautiful Ever any wishes that he could have more time together Okay and is saying your hairstyle is absolutely beautiful Loves you so much China and the rest of the family as well give me the name John has given me the job straight away the animations burning as in Bernadette Okay but I'm Bernadette is giving me that name as well I do know. Okay Okay 20 Seven August 20 -seventh of August Emma is gonna be relevant to you. It will be significant to you as well as he now goes by kinda leaving all his love with you little spirit message wherever you wanna. I'm sure that you will have loved it. So what we're gonna do now folks, we're gonna go to commenting and I want you to comment the word called Cab. Now the 750 of you viewing on all To comment the word cab because the moxie common it's as simple as this The more chance that is becoming straight back up to the top and get in a live reading right here right now with me Lily on the people's medium So let's see who is coming in the most It could be a spirit message gonna get a direct message from any loved ones It could be intuitive guidance along side the cats So let's see let's see who weighs comments in the word can't I'm not saying nobody come in to next yet but let's have a look Let's have a look and let's see where I am nobody's comments in the word card yet so it could be anyone of you. It really really good. So I got a feeling all these comments that say cab they just gonna all come up together So who's commenting the most if you wanna come over and be a support? I'm gonna be likely to witness supporters All you have to do is click the link at the top of the page and the little Green Come outside of comments and not only that when you come over, it's a man even my supporters you get a completely free phone reading now amazing that because as you know we love to give something back and that's exactly what we do and we do every week as well We have a freebie Friday and what that means we give five bucks of beautiful healing crystals away I give them away and actually gives five so the readings away of Kyle does Yeah So that's that's well that's 20 readings a month extra and the 20 bucks Yes, we are about to lost and suppose I only guess what this weekend We are doing a sales and this why I'm wearing around my neck The screen glass is going to be involved. So if you wanna come over be a support, it's a lot smaller than the page I know you will love it Okay folks and I kill that who's coming soon. Cab comment comment, comment as many many times as he possibly possibly can Melissa Fisher I am with use stop cans at your name and I can see that you've commented the word cat multiple multiple times modeling. So let's have a look and see what I can see It's all about family with you, Melissa and babies That's what it's all about with you and it's lovely to be able to say I feel seeing since this lovely settled atmosphere with you because Melissa is not always been like this as a you know there's been more downs than ups in the past but I do feel family babies. It's all going exactly as it should be and I've got to say this is from spirit. Not May Weldon you Melissa for standing up for yourself as well Let's pull a couple accounts out there See what these are saying. So okay Connect always with compassion and love You absolutely do within your family Okay, let's look at the next cat for you. The Melissa runwalk swimmer otherwise movie border This will give you more energy Okay so don't stack too much. Melissa get yourself out there as well Okay Much much love to you I want everybody to still continue There's not many becoming in a typing commenting the word cab I wanna see this page only comments I wanna see is cats Okay because Comments it. This is for your benefit The more you comment the word cat. I don't have to keep saying people coming and going all the time the more chance that is if you're having a live reading right here right now with me who wants me Okay, I want to pick and given afraid and telephone meeting away as well right people leave a comment. So everybody leaves a comment in the next two minutes if anyone leaves The next two or three minutes to comment the word cat would have you just been involved is going to be picked for a telephone region Well Italy film reading So there you go. So not just tight honestly just comment type the word cat as many many times as you can be open if anyway but one of you okay one of you is gonna get a free telephone reading as well filming the next amazing is that I am with Linda Glover Hutchinson How are you doing? Linda and the first card that has come out for you is a spirit. Can't Linda Let's have a look eastern in spirit used inspiration. I want you to know it was his time to go Now you won't understand this now Linda of their You won't understand it mama darling but when you get that when I get back over there Jack we will understand why it was the time to go Mister Dale is something being shown to me here from Donald and it's about the nicking of face when you shaved tried to share it could be last week a couple months ago but he was stood at your side when you did that also the new glasses the new glasses he was there when you got them not being sure which I'm not being told what you interview it was but I know definitely one of you have Recently in spring can be 36 months ago. It could be last week have recently got some new bosses Some different glasses Dom is very very much around you both and I do know October October is a significant move because he's telling me that Linda, when you are cold and ship at the other evening when he was down in the chair he was there at your side. He wants you to know Okay Mister Dale When I say mister Dale you know saying I don't wanna come across as too much This is what it's saying but I love you I love you I love you with all my heart I love you so so much is making me quite emotional actually and so is going back now leaving book it falls of love with you both. I'm gonna pull you a couple accounts out as well Okay you are confused and then decide saved because you do not have enough information to reach do research Expert advice before making any decisions on down down Okay Good carbs Interesting comfort. Okay and again again this is directly from your lovely Don't you've got the comfort cab he is with you in your time of need helping both your House to heal and really really hope that has helped you okay much love to this beautiful beautiful people Who's next to his comments in the word can't cast into the winner is gonna be picked in a couple of minutes time so you must have tight the word cats okay and the winner for a completely free phone reading is gonna be an amazing. Is that folks How amazing is the Tina Roberts knew how you doing Tina a relationship around you is going from sprints to strengthen younger female the past Younger female I'm gonna say maybe mid 20 s is doing very very well over in spirit. Shit not upload like two years of failure than your friends or a family friend but China she's doing absolutely fine over there and I can hear I can hear spirit saying accidental. It wasn't worth are accidental taking that sort of giving you that as I got in a relationship around China is gonna go from strength to strength Ask for what Tina clear communication with yourself and your loved ones and with this helps you avoid any misunderstandings and speeds up the process of prayers of yours that are gonna be answered in the very very near future team. So they are listening as the young lady says I am sorry please forgive me It was her time to go Okay, Tina much much love Tell you my darling Shin a Riley. You are the winner for typing can't The most please do get in touch via the page. You have won yourself a complete free phone reading and I'm also gonna do you a two car breathing Shane as well Let's have a look reveal your deepest thoughts I don't know show that you do genuinely care with your actions kay message from a love one in spirit You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about these feelings of guilt but going on in your head You don't need to okay Ashley says why would they can Ashley Wow. You are looking absolutely fantastic. Paula You know they favor is on its way out now. So yeah you can tell me. God is getting back to normal County picking up this Sunday. Ashley it gives them give us a bar long. Give us a message or whatever Okay he is My bestest bestest boyfriend is actually yes Boyfriend boyfriend. This man is about to be friends I love you Is a still actually is is you know you know the first time I met Ashley's partner Kyle come into the living room and I just stopped at Golf Smith to maybe you know something like I did I said, oh my God. I said he's absolutely gorgeous Actually that's what I said to Kyle then I realized what I said I won't say what probably sounded like so I knew Yeah getting to this actual try for this weekend. Yeah Comment the word cans. Okay. Comment the word can't and I'm with Gemma Rocket to be lots and lots of spirit around you Lots of spirit around you today. What you up to Gemma what are you doing That's bringing them in close to you I know where is the telling the people you're talking to them You becoming more of to them. Gemma Yeah and I can hear every single word that you are saying So keep doing what you doing Jenna Let's pull a couple of cats out few darling as well Have a vibrant, generous and empowering day Yeah. That's nice. So things have been going good for you today. I'm sure there must have been to get that count Let's have a look at the next one Remember who you are and I believe that you do. Now You are a powerful, loving and creative child of your loved ones in spirit you very Gemma and you know I feel them few little messages that you really need to hear today Okay so do Gemma hope that helps you and that you do understand my darling Okay much much love to you as I come back to Linden Johnson mister Dale is an absolute tears Donald always called him pops really? Yeah. That's what he said So very grateful for this beautiful reading today we love you And I am so so happy for you. I mean an update loud and clear when it was communicated into his dad I heard pop sitting calling daddy calling pop. So yeah thank you for a very fine art form bless him I feel like I know Donald you know Ashley I really do being Linda friends as you know Facebook can we will may even though she's in America and I feel like Donna Jack so abroad together it's amazing. Isn't it? Linda it really real Is Linda Global change got back to me again October but will be a huge trouble in Forestville fall traveling around the country is our passion will you say Donald is very very aware of that and you know what window they'll be going with you It will certainly be going with you So who's next to commentate the word can't the most and I'm with Catherine Catherine Oh you oh you see hitch E all can see Catherine is your name I'm called Capcom Cab So this not to reading my darling is few baby. They lost in spirit mile of a rainbow baby is doing absolutely fine with all family members that have gone over to spirit before you okay February and September significant here as well. Catherine just that little message from But I wanna give you two cats as well of two kinds as well gratitude. You attract more blessings when you appreciate your own current blessings and I'm absolutely shocked Catherine that you do Can I see three children around you as well Let's have a look at the next cab as the Angels to release any toxic images that you may have absorbed keep away from negative people. Catherine okay my darling much love to you So if you wanna come over and be supposed of mine, you are more than welcome It's fabulously to place for me and my support as much small on the page. Yeah when you come over and be a support you automatically get a completely free reading. How brilliant is that either just becoming a supporter Yeah but we have a freebie Friday every Friday. I've gotten on tomorrow Okay and what I do I get five bucks of crystals away and actually all Kyle give another five free Away so if you wanna come over and support me I hope you do all you have to do is click the link I can at least try to be common is a Green icon or there's a link at the top of the page The more the merrier I am going live later this afternoon with my supporters and and conducting a sales this weekend as well as Jared Harper says the best thing I've ever done like I absolutely love being a supporter So come over and join us folks So let's see where I'm going next Where am I going next Let's have a look I just wanna say thank you again I just wanna say thank you for nominating me for the second time for the Soul and Spirit Awards been nominated again in four categories Best best case cake That's one of them favorite tarot card reader of the one favorite Facebook influences that Sea of the one and the best website So I'll get voting for me again. Gonna win it for two years on the trust if I do it's down to you guys Coming through to the nominations and that's fantastic So who am I with now Let's see I'm gonna do a couple of mom that I'm gonna tell you anything you need to say yeah. We'll be Carol Hudson. How are you doing? Carol lovely to have you here darling. Let's read a couple of cans out for you Let me have a look. I feel things are settling down It's time to take action. Be fill as pursuing your most treasured Dreams and you know amazing career opportunities coming in around you luck choices when you accept responsibility for your own life and the choices you make you begin to tap into the power of your own spirits Okay much much love to you as Jimmy record to be says yes, you can win it. You are amazing I hope I do it be nice. Thank you lovely women over two years on the truck and then I would go for a hat trick next year I'm probably being very very overly optimistic here but you know if you wanna vote for me, voting is now open Okay Petra right? How you doing Petra message from spirit here for you. I am just a thought where you've been thinking a lot about your mama had a little girl Okay, none of them signed a little girls that with you've been thinking about them a lot lately and I want you to know that thought away and it's the spirit message as well I have no more Like where is no motherfucking Where is right So what I want you all to do now folks is got a free drink all day every single one of you the inbox gonna get a spiritual message from me myself Okay so just tell people Yeah they are both told them that so from heroin mods get inboxing the page now what I do Okay What I do Folks I sit down every day. Choose what time is in the day I sit down and I listen to them there I listen to my style people and I am guided to vote to do the three messages I go not not by what I feel. I think by what they tell me Okay so that makes it extra special. Doesn't it So get inbox in the page now folks for a message every single one of you right now can have one Okay and don't forget to support. It's only I will be live with you all in a couple of hours time Okay and get voting for me in the 2019 someone's spirit. Walt isn't amazing Much love to every single one of my friends here Liam the people's medium

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