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This rep set off an air horn during a hearing to show how loud blasts impact marine life
It's fair to say that uh seismic air gun blasting is extremely disruptive and loud correct. I don't know exactly how loud it is. I I've never actually directly experienced it myself and when you say disruptive III can't answer that question. unless you uh elaborate on what you mean by disruptive to what do you think a The sound of a washing machine is loud or disruptive, not particularly okay. What about like an air horn you get there? Okay uh mister chair. I'd ask for unanimous consent to say. An airborne in committee hearing no objection the gentleman may demonstrate. Was that disruptive um it was irritating, but I don't I didn't find it particularly disruptive about every say 10 seconds uh like blasting uh goes on for days weeks months. if I were that close to it, Yeah probably yeah. what if you depended on uh sound for hunting your food and for communication. Do you think it'd be disruptive at a distance of twenty feet? Yes, it would be. How much louder do you think seismic air gun blasting sounds than this air horn You just heard. I honestly don't know. take a guess ten times at a distance of how far let's say, say say you're within a reasonable distance. you're quarter mile it ten times twenty-five times. Honestly, don't know I mean, can you take a guess no100 times? Thank you. You think it's a thousand times louder. I doubt it doubt it what if I tell you, it's 16000 times louder than what you just heard here. you see how that would be impactful on marine species mammals. I do, which is why we put mitigation measures in to minimize the proximity of that activity with the wells and various states along the Eastern Seaboard, including South Carolina. um are adamantly opposed to offshore drilling, correct yes. How do you feel about imposing a seismic air gun blasting which is impactful to marine species? uh in search for oil and gas in which the residents and citizens of South Carolina denying one congressman our role under the MP is to either authorize the activity or not um based on a number of findings that do not include a popular vote.

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