Cats Being Cats Compilation

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Cats are a never-ending source of entertainment... 😂🐱

Posted 11 months ago in Animals & Pets

Bobby Taylor 11 months ago

They’re all such little oddball individuals, but I can honestly say I love every cat. They just make life so much better. I could have clothes with no cat hair on them, or couches that aren’t shredded (bought it for $50, so who cares? I’ll simply never buy a new $1000 couch), but I wouldn’t be nearly as happy without my little fuzz balls. Cats are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Walter Perna 11 months ago

I guess we love cats because they’re as “wacky” as we are.

Maureen Foster 11 months ago

Most of these are what it’s like living in my house every day, especially the one where the cat pushes the other one into a box. In my case it’s usually one pushing the other off the balcony!

Collette Ambrose 11 months ago

I’m scared of cats But I love seeing such cute videos of them ❤️

Linda Delisle 11 months ago

Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you!

Regina Kabis 11 months ago

I just loved them
Thay are all so adorable
Thank you and have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Cheryl Brown 11 months ago

I have four in my house never ending source of comfort and entertainment

Sauni Aberasturi 11 months ago

So cute and reminds me of my two kitties They are always getting into mischeif

Sherry-Anne Payten 11 months ago

That's was awesome had to watch twice. Couldn't stop laughing when the tabby gagged at the cottage cheese 🤣 belly laugh hard 🤣