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Hearts aren't the only thing that get broken in an Are You The One? house. Sometimes it's furniture, or a wall, or a glass... Here are 7 of the most...
Can Can take take. take money. money and that's all. Only one who's voted. You're still there, I'm still here you're still here. I'm. This is the last time that I'm speaking on this, there is no reason to always come at me for in this House. I did one thing. I'm not done yet. I did one thing wrong. I have not come to this House and had sex with anybody. I have not come to this House and kiss anybody other than 22 people that I thought were my match. That's it point point blank blank period. period. period. Do Do Do not not not worry worry worry about. about about about who who who I'm I'm I'm kissing. kissing kissing kissing this this this on the other when I again, again, I'm I'm worried worried about about it it it exactly exactly exactly so. so so so when when when you're you're you're you're up up up up there there. there there there saying saying saying saying that that that. that you're you're you're not not not gonna gonna gonna do do do this. this. this. have I anybody? I got you that's what you are disrespecting me before I hit you and that's when harrys so next time that's a a flashy. flashy. That's That's That's it it it point point point point blank blank blank blank. period. parents parents parents who who who do do do do not not not not talk talk talk. talk about about about me period and you know know about about you you girl. girl. I I I tell tell tell it it it to to to you. you. you. you. okay. okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Alright Alright Alright Alright you you you you you guys. guys. guys. guys. guys. that's that's that's that's the the the the difference difference difference difference between between between. between your. your your life. life. You You got got to to know know her her. right. You ain't get to to to to know know know know me me. me. me you you need need to to branch branch out. out. That's what I'm clicking since day one. so that's why I keep going to you know what I'm saying. That's what you used to come to this House. I told myself to not do exactly what I did don't get stuck on one girl. I told myself not to do that and I did it. anyways. It'll be a lot of times when I'm not talking to nobody and you are right, pass me and stuff so we have plenty of opportunities that you never take that opportunity either. So don't even try to make some like it's just me day. One. Jada definitely caught my eye. I thought she was very beautiful. I did make a mistake. As far as playing the game goes, but I'm still gonna be stuck on the whole time. I just want you to feel like I'm not like pain on my like you know what I'm saying, even though that's what it is, You don't even have to have hard feelings towards her. I'm looking at them like them. That's what I want. That's what I ask the matchmakers for and it's like like why can't I have that when you go to energy man, but you didn't tell me you never can tell me. we always need to be friends. God I'm so. I don't like that I don't like that. I'm I don't know what Clinton and dude. I'm not doing this. I'm not doing this. Tina. What are we talking about? Huh? What are we lacking a rock? What do you mean? What are we talking about? I'm just confused. Where's that the claim bitch? What the way she rolled up on me. I'm like yo is this is she serious right now you acting like I slay my whole hand-I didn't none of that. Oh Yo what we had a casual conversation. You didn't get to everybody in the House. Legit it's wrong with you. You can open up the House too. So why am I getting my crucifying you you're coming at me some kind of way. Yo bro. Oh this House doesn't make sense. I'm done. I'm done. I'm done done. Realize that he's not your me for a reason so step out of that and move on because at the end of the day that's your match with Somebodys is cuz that could be me Jade. I'm coming here to give you a Jada Jada Jada It''s no-I at the end of a issy wrong. What happened Os's treasure my nothing bro brushing cuz I talk to Jada in the room bro. It's stupid. you are a conversation with them if she's upset and that is based on her own curies put their relationship and there's not on you. You come at me like I disrespect you, I can't and I was never I never did and I said as much as it hurts me to see you get in all of this, I'm still respected it. I was still did not not do do do anything anything. anything anything. I I like. like. like to say I don't get. that. that. that. that. that. I've I've I've I've waited. waited waited waited so so so long long long for for. for this this chance chance. even if she. Mad She has to understand that we all deserve to be our matching here and we all deserve to meet that special someone. It's hurting right now and I'm feeling discouraged about the whole game. I don't wanna deal with this. No more. I'm done. I'm done cheat I. Oh, Get it No. I love it so I'm gonna freak out. I'm done done. The minute I said, I'm like I don't want in this House. You wet you. that's your impression. That's my impression. First of all. No one here is like wiped up. Nobody here. Boyfriend girlfriend Here-I'm gonna do what I want. I have the capacity to have deep connections with multiple people in this House. That's how I operate and I fool around with jazz a little bit, Yes, but I told you I have been pursuing her. I'm nobody. Choice. I don't care about physicality that much I like to go. Can you listen? Can you listen? What is the point of this? though at that? I told you that was pursuing both of you. I'm sorry. you have a problem with it. I'm done. let's do it You're black ass stupid ass bitch ass boy. That's exactly what you're not a boy bitch. That's what you want. Bitch outta here. I'm done with your ass go by I would just like to say. Quote from Noell you-know-who the boy. You're a drunk bitch and you're you're jealous Y'all wanna talk to y'all wanna talk to me? I'll let you know Now don't underestimate this just because I'm in a mermaid so bitch they're talking. I know they are. Yes. I'm talking about you. I'm not getting in the Middle of that. you should stay away tonight. So you're smart Jasmine. I'm shut up. I'm to you. Alright, then we're not talking come on get the fuck out of my face. I'm not I'm right here. We all look like beautiful people. we're happy and then bam. Fights Fights over over here here fights fights over over there there like like can can we we just just enjoy enjoy it it by by yourself. yourself. So So they're they're the the bitch bitch she she come come punches. punches. The The bitch bitch punch punch me me Jasmine Jasmine hit hit that that hole. hole. What's What's good? good? What's up? Why are you doing? What's up? What do you mean? I'm? Get out of this. I don't give a I don't give a no no no, it doesn't matter. Please explain to me how in your mind it makes sense to keep following the out of this man. What makes you think you guys are that one be? I wanna get to the bottom of it. I'm a closure type of girl. I wanna go to the calmly. I'm taking my shoes off right now. Look there's one there's the other one. I wanna go know what the fuck it is that it is you have gone out of your way to put Malcolm your number one every time. Still chased him and don't tell me that it's not true because I see it. I try to put myself to the back burner cuz me and him have a great hold on even when me and him work together. I let him go talk to you and you say right here chasing him like a puppy dog every second of every day. That's how it is so tell me so tell me why it is. Oh no hold on go ahead and tell you the gun. I don't understand why she is so worried about me-I hop off my. You're just jealous because I can go ahead and be all over him and you can't do that anymore because you guys are no match the whole House season the whole House season, so don't give a case this man. Hey, so what's up? I'm right here saying this I don't like being in the Center of a love triangle. I'm falling back in my old without even trying. I'm honestly trying to be a better person, but these women are just making it so hard for me. Hey watch for the. Expected you not you're jealous what you. You see yourself no. I'm up here. you're down here. The reason Ddr. you're gonna look back at this and are we really fighting over a guy. you look dumb. Let it go the girls don't give a about you don't get the. About me bitch. So much. It's the bitch. This is the problem with the House. Nobody can get to know anybody without some no match couple lighting the whole House on fire. What are you gonna mad about because it's the same over and over again it's over and over again. clearly, this is why I'm here like I keep going back to guys who put me second who make me a side chick and I go back and I go back. I see where your intentions are. see yes, really, yes really. It's tired of feeling like I'm in competition with the same. alright. So let's go now. I look like an idiot in front of the whole House. I feel disgusted not with just him but with myself, alright, so just do what you gotta do to win this money. Okay. Jessie Ines get that upset after we are confirmed no match. I really just felt like I should have never been leading her on up like it was my fault. I do not regret kissing Kaya at all, but I need to tell Amanda because if this happened, vice versa situation, I would like her to come to me. Instead of me, hearing it from someone else, So me and Kelly had a long conversation and I kind of rolled out initially as my match right cuz I thought that she had a lot of like similar qualities to you and I kept which I said to you like I didn't understand how you could be on how she could be a match and you weren't when you guys are so similar but what's your point Come to you and talk to you first we ended up kissing. Oh, no, it's not. It's we're done. We're done. There's a reason why I'm coming to you and telling you about Finley with her tonight. baby. I don't give a I don't give a Bitch. you're yesterday's news at the end of the day. I don't give a fuck about you. You wanna do. that's me anything, you said. We're not that I don't with me. I'll crack this bottle over your head. You're gonna kiss one of my friends in the House and you're gonna walk away. A little bit you're screaming and you're smashing. I'm having a conversation with you like what am I supposed to say like you're not. I understand that this game is about making connections, but Mike and I have been connecting on a level that I thought was really real and the fact that kissed Kayla makes me feel like I was cheated on it. Mike's So baby assured me, he tells me that you guys would never even guess that he would say we know that you told me not to say it, I'll air you the out for the whole world to hear. I don't give a test me. me-I. Don't everyone's having a conversation. I don't give a I'll scream all night, stupid bitch. get the fuck out of my face Mike in a man's relationship. It's just toxic. What do you have a conversation? cuz you're a dumbass bitch? You're dumb you're. And I don't, but you no more. they're like water and oil as much as they wanna go together. They don't do you wanna test me. Why are you doing Scream Don't stop get free spit in my face? Don't come up to me and talk to me swear to you. You wanna talk to a bitch in this House. talk to me cuz what you all night conversation about conversation have a conversation of the conversation and Bye. You're Gonna keep doing it because that's what you are. That's who you are. Bye. I mean it's aggressive, you cannot do that you do not touch someone like that. Don't with me. Mike. I'm I'm I'm not the one. I'm the last person cuz I pop up on everyone. I don't do. That's what you do. Scream throw your hands up your feet to have a conversation. Oh, my God. What are you doing? you look so stupid. Perfect match perfect match. It's not gonna be a. I've never felt a way with anyone else in my entire life and it feels so good and so right and then for someone to turn around and tell me that I'm wrong. It just doesn't make sense to me. That's what's so hard. Florida's somebody tell you no, you know. We still love you guys when John and Julia walked back in the House to see everyone knew it was gonna happen. Juli had a smile on her face and John looks like she's gonna kill himself. even if he doesn't like me, it doesn't mean we're not gonna be tomorrow at the ceremony. It's gonna be really interesting to see how the guys handle this decision. they're comfortable in these relationships and they're not exploring other relationships. so I might have to switch it up. It's gonna be end up. I can't put on a fake smile like you. I'm not asking you to put on a fake smile. I'm just saying at this point, your mind is gonna be so lucky. That just like I know we're on two different pages here. we're not on two different pages. We're on the business of how we handle what just happened, but we're not in two different foods and how we thought you know that then what the is going on. I don't know. This is a little drama. I really do feel like I should have gone out of my way to void John. I'm kicking myself and I ask for even just giving it a time of day. Julie I wanna be with you. I don't want to be with anybody else You're that I've always wanted. John's pouring his heart out Julia She's still a real. What. Thought like I play with my heart, I thought I was doing it right. I thought I was in the right direction and look. I'm not like I don't look you're not and you're believing him the truth like it's the truth. What the do like what do you feel in here? Julia If you're gonna sit there and believe that in in a bottom line is in your heart, you don't feel the same way because I am gonna sit there and call them out and say that they're full. Hey prosper. What the fuck are you laughing at bro. Told you bro what the fuck do you mean, You told him, I told you who the fuck are you to tell me how I feel about somebody else Well. It's it's so early bro like you wasted bro. I'm not I mean I'm not dude cuz you're looking at her ass to you while I was looking at her ass and also where is she from how she was raised Ain't Ain't no no other other girl girl up up in in in here here here from from from the the the South South South Bronx. Bronx. Bronx. Bro Bro bro. 00 My God what that bullshit. first that you just put your home on Yeah. Hey, big dog you're good. You're good. don't don't listen to him. Dude, I'm so sick of people trying to tell me how I'm supposed to feel like that. Dude don't don't don't don't wanna get you don't get one. That's bull. Oh, I told you so don't don't what do you know you can't combat John with raising your voice because your voice at John John has to one up everybody. He finally realized she's gonna move on. She never said. I love you too come on John and Julia together as a couple makes me really wanna spew you haven't held him. With this girl, you haven't kissed her and you're in love with her. No idiot, You're infatuated. I don't wanna see violence in the House. John Do you wanna see violence violence is in me hitting the Wall. violence is me knocking somebody the out That's violence. That's not okay. Take your ass off. That's you're taking out one you did. you're not on her because she's not in love with you. We did nothing to you. No. I'm not not married. married. I'm I'm not not not mad mad mad at at at you. you. you. you. I'm I'm I'm I'm not. not not not saying saying saying it's it's it's proper. proper proper Laing. Laing. Free for real. I told you I'm here to play the game believe me walk away, Believe me walk away. The thing that worries me the most is the time that they get on their own. You know she's the blonde bombshell. What's not tempting about that. I do have feelings and the feelings that I do have are very real. I honestly feel like Chris and Pedro Magic. I really do good family. I am so mad and so hurt that the people that voted Kristin Page into the truth. booth have also supported the Chris and I relationship in the House, so they're all fake and liars. Yes, oh. Perfect match. How do you feel about that? It's nice to know you're gonna be away from Shanley. I'm worried about you what about me? It's 50 K, we're saying. No. Money. You understand me why I'm here telling you she's chill crazy though, because you're really the first guy I was attracted to and I came to the House last night. It's gonna be an interesting chae is gonna be so upset. We got a perfect match and that's all I'm happy about it. Ain't personal. You are a selfish rude ass bitch bitch. you fell in love with the first night. Get off you get off. You can take money and that's all that. Who's voted? I'm still here you're still here I. Down here in the kitchen you're. Countdown here in the kitchen and you will. Stop it bitch. Get off me you I can do whatever I wanna do right now. Man I'm a little scared to go back in the House right now pages my match and I feel completely helpless because my heart's was chanting so the only thing I can do is compose myself and keep every single ounce of that feeling bottled up inside, especially for shambo that go with the on in tonight, not Ipa. It's not like that we have your back. I don't understand of you understand anything. We in it to win it, We're here to find our perfect match is not your match. Let it go brother what they got is real at the end of the day. What they have is real for the game purpose. I get it. I'm not trying to dwell on. He's mad at me. We're all happy and anybody that acts like they're not happy is a liar. I get both sides. I really do, but I also feel like Simone is just being a straight up bitch trying to Diva out some attention. I'm saying it's just. Absolutely uncalled for they're just being a little insensitive and the reason why I'm being insensitive is because she's a bitch. Oh,

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