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Fox 8 News • 4 months ago   292     989
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Watch Live: President Biden delivers remarks on the COVID-19 vaccination program. This comes just one day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorsed booster shots for millions of older or otherwise vulnerable Americans. Read more here:

Dayna Miller Caddell
Dayna Miller Caddell4 months ago

I really wish this man would stop thinking he’s doing good in the world

John Pellan
John Pellan4 months ago

Distance yourself from the Biden Crime Family. The opposite of everything he says is more than likely the best route for everyone.

Jeanie Stewart
Jeanie Stewart4 months ago

Where are all the people that voted for him? Why aren’t they on here sticking up for him. God job!

Donna Mister
Donna Mister4 months ago

He had it good when he was cheated into office. He then proceeded to reverse everything they legitimate President put into place. That's why this country is in the mess it's in today.

Genaye Ladousier
Genaye Ladousier4 months ago

“May god protect our troops” against YOU!

Denise Paliokas
Denise Paliokas4 months ago

Protect our troops??? sent the wrong message!

Cheryl Wright-Fraizer
Cheryl Wright-Fraizer4 months ago

So he already know what reporter he is picking. Such bs

Maureen Halas
Maureen Halas4 months ago

Keep brainwashing everyone against the unvaccinated, division at its best. Not everyone can get vaccinated. Those who have antibodies have a stronger response than the vaccinated.

Jamie Powers Culbertson
Jamie Powers Culbertson4 months ago

All these questions are scripted, he never takes random questions!!! Chicken 😡

Sandy Lynn
Sandy Lynn4 months ago

Why not promote connecting with your fellow humans, kindness, integrity, and love for one another? Why not share uplifting stories rather than garbage?!