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ICYMI: Evangelicals for Trump Online with Mercedes Schlapp, Pastor Paula White, Dr Alveda King, and Cissie Graham Lynch! #EvangelicalsForTrump
Trump campaign is now reaching voters online. You are seeing the President of the United States look at the lines. A lot of President Trump's supporters movements in the history of our country. The most racist thing a person could tell me is that I'm supposed to choose something based on my race, You ain't black. don't nobody has never been a friend to African-Americans Hello and welcome to the first episode of what we call Truth over facts lied to us that destroyed test kits they lied to their own people since Ronald Reagan, we haven't had a President more engaged in more involved in the Western hemisphere in this administration, and it's been a great partnership to work with Lamont Well, you've heard. The view, but welcome to the right view and with us today is the motor City madman Ted Nugent because this isn't your typical political show. It's the most important election in our lifetime. Joe Biden, who has a dismal record of economic failure and absolutely terrible ideas for the future 00. I'm in trouble. We are one people one. And one glorious nation under God. We will make America great again. To team Trump online. Good evening everyone and welcome to faith in America evangelicals for Trump. My name is Mercedes and I'm senior adviser for President Trump's campaign. It is a great honor to be with you tonight, but also to be joined by three dynamic faith leaders who are part of the evangelicals for Trump Advisory board. So let me introduce these great women. We've got pastor Paula White spiritual adviser for President Donald J.. Paula Thank you for joining us so great to be with you, Mercedes and of course, my dear friends doctor King and Susy. so it's gonna be a great night. It is gonna be a great night. It's great to have these women of faith all joining us together to be able to talk about these issues that matter so greatly to our nation. Of course, the legendary Doctor Alveda King, a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a civil rights activist and former. House representatives for Georgia Alda Thank you again for joining us. It's wonderful to join my America's sisters in Christ. That's right. That's right Hi. and then, of course we have sissie Gramm Lynch, a Ministry spokesperson for Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evan jealous and Evangelistic Association. sissie. Thank you for being here. I know you're here on your personal time. We greatly appreciate you joining this very wonderful conversation. I'm excited to be. With three women that I look up to and to be able to talk about faith and politics in America through things, I love. it's gonna be a wonderful night. so let me ask you sissie. Where are the kids are they like to are they hiding somewhere a mine a mine I it's been quiet in the Schwab household. I have to say well, there's been some tricks. I've had to figure out there and all this quarantine time and you're doing interviews they have been known to be in my car watching a movie I live on a farm, so it's safe Nobody's in the car but. You have to be creative during this time is working mamas. There's no question it's not be the King if you would start with prayer for today well and I have always a couple of little bars of a little song, you know. We just want to thank you Lord, we are gathered together for a beautiful conversation. We're welcoming America to join us on this beautiful Saturday evening. Lord. We thank you first for just letting us live in America where we have a President who says we do not. Government we worship God, though we join our prayers to that part of prayer that comes from President Trump straight out of the White House lawyer all over America. We're in our own environments. We're still somewhat sheltered in, but we are sheltering in you as we shelter and then return into our nation. We know that faith is strong, hope is rising. Always prevail and so father any difficulties that we face we face together bless our President, his family, the Cabinet and everyone Associated bless all Americans and people all over the world. So with faith in America with hope and love Lord, we just continue in you in the name of Jesus Glory to God by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Thank you Doctor King, That was just beautiful and it's so right faith is so strong right now. I think all of us are going through a difficult time. We've all been impacted by the Corona virus pandemic and thank God for President Trump of being empowered leading this nation right now being guided by God to ensure that he has the wisdom and the courage to take the necessary steps to ensure that Americans are safe that. Protected and at the same time that we're able to get back to work, they were able to reopen the country. the President has focused with his administration on ensuring that we flatten the curve. we know now that hospitals have the resources they need to deal with any sort of outbreak that would happen or that has happened in their cities. The federal government has responded quickly working closely with the private sector working closely with our churches to ensure that People are getting what they need that American families are getting the immediate relief that they need to get through this pandemic together, but there was such a major announcement that was made last week that I wanna share with you and this is President Trump recently announcing the CDC guidelines that would declare houses of worship and essential business that would provide essential services. This is so critical for our communities for. So first of all, I wanna play a clip and what I'd like to get your reaction to this. one of the other things I wanna do is get the church is open. The churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of the Democrat Governors. I want to get our churches open and we're gonna take a very strong position on that very soon and that was President Trump addressing the media about the importance of getting our churches. churches reopen Pastor White. With the President, you talk to the President, why was this important for the President to move forward and issue the CDC guidelines to ensure that our houses of worship are reopened quickly on so many different levels number one. He's correcting the injustices and I know we'll talk more about this because there are a lot of injustices, but President Trump really understands the heart of when how important faith is to us as people as families to the. He's a man of great and deep faith in himself and he understands that when faith and business and government come together, you're going to have the best as I'll be said he always is saying we worship God not government and it's so important because especially in pandemics crisis' trauma. you have to have a core of really faith is so essential houses of worship are probably the most important thing that there is to our entire. Right now and we'll talk about how some of these injustices and what that one thing did. I mean Mercedes I have been on with over a thousand 600 and something pastors individually during this pandemic and they could not wait. I think Tony Perkins he said that 64 percent said that immediately people would go back to church when the when the doors were open. We just did a big poll with 95000. It's over 77 percent of people, said they go back as soon as they open because faith is at the heart of people and it's vital. That's an excellent point. Susy let me ask you. I mean what was your reaction when the President issued these guidelines basically saying that church is an essential service that it is an essential business. What did this mean to you and to your community? I mean first off. I'm just thankful that we have a President that will take that stand, but do we ask like? Really, in a time in our country where that is a debate and can you imagine if we didn't have a President that wouldn't take that stand and that could be a possibility one day and how thankful I am for President Trump to take a stand to recognize like a Paula, said that we worship God not government and that how churches are essential, you know, it's not just you know during this quarantine time the anxiety the stress that's been in people's homes and that faith in America that's been a Central core of our Existence in America and I'm thankful for a President to take that stand and Doctor King. I mean prayer. I think I mean you can feel it. You can feel it in your in your family in your community. I know for our family. I've got five girls. We sit down and we pray together constantly and I think that there's a sense of how do we get this to go get through this as a nation. so I mean in in what President Trump has done in terms of his actions. How has your community? Responded to the President's boldness and saying you know we're gonna let people of faith go back to churches, despite the fact that you still have Democratic governors really slow walking opening up reopen up the churches. I think it's absolutely amazing, President Trump and strength and humility We don't worship government. We worship God don't worship me people worship God get back to your churches. Pray work through your church. In your community that's awesome for a leader of the United States is a state and a leader to say that and so people I don't trust him, he said. He's gonna do this. He just told you we don't worship of God forbid we worship God in our own community, for example, and I have heard and I have to verify this. I'm not sure, but there are some people who really don't even have a Bank account or can't get a P or can't get a check to their Bank account and so they have. Ways for them to even get that emergency help right away and so there are all types of things coming out of the White House and out of America to help us and yet the church is are there and if you close the church down you miss some much needed assistance My own church in Atlanta, I attend believers Bible Christian Church. We followed all the CDC guidelines we are on Facebook 10 people or less in the sanctuary preaching. And watch it We have parking lot Sunday cuz was one of the early right. We're in the parking lot, just dance and jump and pray that I've watched you and your parking lot. Oh pastor Paul. It was powerful, you know, so we are doing that, but along with that our church just like you Pastor Paul, I saw that I've been following you and giving out other things that people need and our parking lot is open during the week following the guidelines drive-thru, but you can get drive-thru. You can get a box or a bag of food even a little clothing, perhaps in those types of things and our church sometimes gives that gift cards to the grocery store or to a new restaurant gift cards. so the church with prayer prayer first, the word of God first, but our Jesus said. If you have to feed the people they're gonna get weak and best of all who have the most of the church does so we're doing that here we are trusting in the Lord following the wisdom. He gives our President and that's very important. well, let's remember that the that the Liberals and for the left far left their church is the government and we don't believe in that. We believe that God first in empowering us as individuals and be able to spread the word of God to others to make sure that they are strong in their faith. So Paula you talked about this. let's talk about a little bit of you know, let's dig deeper into that. What you know. Right and this is so crucial because I actually believe we're fighting for the very heart and soul of our nation right now when we look back at our forefathers who came to this country and put those White crosses on Plymouth, they've dedicated America to preach the gospel around the world and God truly has blessed America. We have never been here. It's unprecedented. It is a true fight between darkness and light, and I believe that people of faith are rising up and recognizing what spiritual. Eyes and ears to see and to hear that God has put in what some might call a disruptor. The President, Trump is a disruptor. He's not a man of the system, but he is a man that I believe has been planted by God there, He has stood for religious liberties more than any other President. I mean we can look prior to Kobe. We can see the fight for religiously be first at the UN to speak on religious liberty to start the Minister of Religious Liberty Alliance, the hobby Lobby case little. Of the poor, we can just look on and on and on and what all he has done the Johnson Amendment. We can talk about how he's removed regulations and restrictions because the church honestly, I mean there was such defense for years and years people in fear like are we going to have this unrighteous attack on us and this is what we are seeing manifesting come to the forefront that we're seeing predominantly Democrat government. It's it's not. To say, like this is all but it is just what it is that are putting this and just and I really wanna get to the heart of this things like if you look at Minnesota open the Mall of America Home Depot lows thousands of people, but only 10 people can still gather in a church if we look at California, where Newsom is done if we look at, I mean if we go back and see Mississippi and see how people were fine, congregates are fine sitting in the car with their. Rolled up Find $500 How Northam has been in Virginia but here here is the heart of this. Alright. We don't know the motivation of this government. No one knows the heart of a person that except for God, but a either number one that they are so anti church and so full of their own power and as you said worship government as their God are if they truly believe that they are protecting people, which is. Doesn't even line up in so many States, which will get to about how so many more people committing suicide in California than even have died from the code because of all of this. But when you look, maybe they really believe that they're protecting and and but with this overreach what they are not recognizing is how essential this shows the disrespect for faith that shows the disrespect for God and a person's life, the freedoms that were fought for and what it's the heart of this. The injustice of. Is that it truly is unconstitutional because it's discrimination and it's discriminatory and there's discrimination against people faith and no one. if you're in Ministry and listen, you don't go on cuz it's easy. It's because you've been called by God. It's love people because you have the heart of a shepherd because you have the heart to love people. No one is gonna take better care of people than the church and pastors. They're gonna take better care than than a Department store or the grocery store or the liquor store. I mean we look at. The heart, as I said, we're gonna take every precaution. We're gonna make sure people are safe, but we know people we love people and thank goodness we have a President who who stands for religious liberty. He has heard the cry of the American people. I mean it was like I've literally Mercedes that when he announced that I was running around my House shouting I was like, yes, I know it's remarkable. It was truly remarkable and what I find interesting Pastor White and is that Joe Biden has been silenced on this issue has not. Has been silent, he has not spoken up for people of faith so sissie I wanna go to you on this question. you're seeing these Democrats you've seen Joe Biden really, I just almost like fear monger and really not in any way. stand up for the You know the pastor in Mississippi. we're seeing obviously these cases that are coming, you know where you have the US Department of Justice, telling Governor Newsom that you all are going way too. That you must do more to accommodate accommodate in-person gatherings. So what is it with these liberal governors in terms of their slow-walking the reopening of these churches? I think we as a touched on we're following an administration that opened up the floodgates to the persecution of religious rights and to religious liberties and we are in the aftermath of the Obama administration of the court cases. We're seeing at the Supreme. And that's when I think a lot of people came to vote for Donald Trump in 2016, based on the Supreme Court, but what we've looked at what he's done in the the lower courts is historic or he's put A hundred and 93 judges, the Democratic Party has become so anti-god and so secular in their attacks against those people of faith and I look at what they're doing now and how thankful I am a President the other day when he said churches are essential. He also said we need more prayer, not less. Right he did you know how thankful I am. We're in a time that the Democrats are mocking prayer. Yeah. we've seen that from like Cory Booker and many other people and news anchor, CNN all that they mock prayer and how thankful I am that you know we have a President that will take a stand and say no, we need more prayer that he looks for God to wisdom in this country and when you have Joe Biden and sitting in his basement, you know and it's just attack. Attack after attack on the President during a crisis, you know, it's been beautiful to see this country come together and Unified. it was a much needed change after years of division and the country came together. they came together to do even the churches did their part to flatten the curve and what Biden has done from his basement to attack the President. One thing up with no solution. He's not offering a solution from there this country I think. Welcoming the change of unity that we have seen where we've all come together and just wanna get your reaction here as well. So what I find interesting is I do find that the Democrats, many of them really feel like the people of faith. It's like it's like the Obama model right. It's the cling to your guns and clean to your Bible and clean you know, and it's this whole concept that people of faith are almost like ignorant to a certain extent and or uneducated, and I find that to be so insulting and who we. People where we depend on our faith and and and basically being the fundamental foundation of you know my life and and our family's life. so I wanna take this over to you. Doctor King. we just saw recently Joe Biden make despicable comments about the black community And basically saying you know you ain't black. If you're voting for Donald Trump, I mean how insulting is that to to the black. We're very interestingly and you all have heard me Acts 1726 of one blood God created all people to live together on the face of the Earth. so we're not separate races in color does not define and ethnic community. You can see it and I thought that we could see each other but we are one human rights and that's how I knew immediately President and candidate Trump. Hey, we all believe. So, he said he gets it. He's not he knows. We all believe the same blood as he gets it. So that was just so exciting for me as part of his promises made promises kept he keeps that so I'm tenderly connected to downtrodden communities really three the skin color issue that we did in previous centuries or you're black. so you're not the same women at one time. We're very oppressed in America and so the. Jett movement and then more and more increasingly after 1973 the little babies in the womb. all of us have to be regarded simply and truly as human beings and I more recently elderly people have been oppressed. you know, so I'm real. It's hitting me on all fronts. so we all believe the same as President Trump you're right. First, We are human beings. We are Christians. We are Americans and we on the planet so when your. Basically, if you don't know who to vote for if you ain't vote, if you're not voting for me, you ain't black. so excuse me ladies for a minute. I went back a little bit and I say yes, I am black. I made English. I know yes, I am like I know, but I went there for a moment and I was so it was unbelievable. Yeah. black people keep your voting in one place if you don't vote for me and that's a bullshit. Locking up people are just and destroying generations of families. You ain't black Well, it doesn't matter what color of my skin color is. I'm human. I'm very glad to be connected to the African-American community. That's my heritage. I was pastor Paula in the Rose Garden religious freedom. Yeah, trying to the same case the little sisters of the civil rights for the unborn so step on rights Justice belong to everyone and this is a season of Jubilee. I believe it and I thank God. Is in there with the White House open to prayer and this, this is time for that shift. I really believe it let's go to one more question. Pastor White. You know, I find that the Joe Biden identity politics is what the Democrat Party lives on. It's what they build their political strategy on and I think it's so destructive and so you know here we are trying to unify the country during this pandemic. what are your thoughts about that of how President Trump has been able to unify our country and really? On the on the issues that matter that impact all Americans Well first off, you see the fruit of President Trump is buying his policy and his policy is the best for all people and I just I mean there's not enough that we can say we look at it before the covid- 19. You look at everything that he's done for all people for women for Hispanics for blacks for I mean millennials for absolutely everyone you see the roaring economy you see the job on. And if anyone can bring it back, President Trump will bring it back, you see religious liberty you see prison reform You see mental health care you see opioid you see a strong stand on our borders and protecting Americans. you see him getting us out of this horrific deals that prior presidents put us in that America was being being polished. I mean our hard taxpayer dollars going to things and I know we'll talk about pro-life but things like Mexico City abortion nine billion dollars of tax. Tax money going to foreign abortions I'm in a tax bracket. I just cringe when I think like I pay my taxes to do what you know and and it's just the list goes on and on and President has been a freedom fighter for all people. this identity politics I I'm glad you've said that because what Biden said was extremely arrogant extremely offensive, I pass the predominantly 90 percent Black church, Black Hispanic Caucasians I've been in Ministry for 36 years and then so much work within the inner-city from back in the Rodney King days living in Los Angeles, Jordans Waverly Nickerson Garden ET cetera, and it is the playbook of the Democrats. It's the playbook. It's like we own this. we own that and here you have to. I think America is waking up that you can't tell us how to think We have to do it. It's so degrading. you have to be like this because you're a Christian. you have to be like this because you're a female and you know we don't deny that there is true racism but these implicit biases and and what Biden has done is is arrogance and it's epitome and God calls that pride and it's not a good thing and so I actually pray I pray because I want people to know the Lord. I want people to come to know I pray that this bill. Removed and people don't sell their soul to a place of that kind of darkness. I really do because it it was very offensive and it's time that we open up our eyes for all people the good of all people and that's what President Trump has done just look at the fruit of it. I mean you can't see all these thousands of millions of people that are following in. I mean when I look, I know I need to stop. But when I look at you know it's I keep going keep going keep going keep watching General Flynn and I'm thinking this. I'm just screaming from the top. Long does anyone care that they just like destroyed this man's life to destroy President Trump, which is really about destroying the millions of people that voted for him, which also is destroying almost the sacredness of the office of Presidency. I'm like, please God wake us up. bring us up to a revival and let these veils be removed and let people who just oh that's politics. No, it has taught us something politics affects every one of our lives on a very real and very personal level. and so I just. My heart believes I still believe in the best of humanity. I believe that people are free thinkers that they'll see truth for what it is. Maybe some people have a hard time with some of the President, Trump's new-york or harshness, or you know, don't like everything, he says. That's okay. I mean my husband probably doesn't like everything I say, but we're still married and we make it work and we learn how to walk in forgiveness and get along. you know that's that's that's life right and real battles. We're facing. you're so right Paula. you know we're gonna take a quick break right now, but you are watching faith in America so stay with us. What a beautiful history we wrote together. China is not our problem. I'm Donald J Trump and I approve this message thanks to President Trump criminal Justice reform gave Non-violent offenders a second chance at life and the American Dream he has given 100 million dollars to HBCU for scholarship and research, and he has done all of this for us in less than one term. he can achieve with four more years. I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message. Welcome back to faith in America. I'm joined by Pastor Paula White Doctor Avia King and Sissy Graham Lynch. Thank you all again for staying with us. How are you all doing doing great? I'm wonderful. Oh God well we were having I think a very passionate discussion about how liberal governors have restricted a church goers from congregating in their in their churches, and this has become a huge problem throughout the country and it's really under President Trump that he has said that. Of worship are essential businesses with essential services but what we also know is that our Christian organizations play a critical role in providing relief to American families who are struggling during this pandemic. So let's start with you sissie on what you all are involved in to ensure that American families are getting what they need during this difficult time Number Mercedes once again, I think what I said earlier is that it's been really beautiful to see people come together and be unified. You're seeing neighbors be. And communities being communities and coming together and creative ways to serve one another and that's where you've seen churches as Christians. we're to go to the front lines of the battle. We don't receive. We don't hide we go and we serve those in their greatest need and that's what my dad has taught me my entire life that Samaritan's Purse that we go to the front lines and we serve right there at the fire and help people in need and I love to see how people that church where my children go to school. They've had a food drive and dis. Everybody has got involved in their own communities and it really has been beautiful. It's Samaritan's Purse. You know many people we've seen our hospital was in Central Park in New York City. that is now back our hospital from Italy is back in North Carolina. We're getting ready to deploy a hospital to Alaska. that right now is low in cases, but they're expecting an outbreak as their commercial fishing industries getting ready to open up. my dad was just met with the Navajo Nation to see how. Help respond and help those people so this is what Christians do We're to serve the community and we've done that in the history of the church has done that throughout time and we've seen that in history and that we have not stopped. That's what we are called to do and it's been beautiful to see everybody in their community serving Doctor King. Oh, you're what you what have you seen in your community in terms of response coming from our Christian organizations? wonderful? I have friends with dual citizenship. I'm from Africa and America. They live here and I got a call the other day and they were working to raise some money people here in their own congregations. This is a pastor, but also in their second home and so I I my Ministry. I'm the King was able to help with that and that worked out very well at the church that I've attended for over 30 years in Atlanta Believers Bible Christian Church that's tender outreach to the seniors because we are finding out many of them are in these facilities and dying at a large. Higher rate of Cort 19, and it's with other complications, believe it or not some of those complications the opposite of faith fear and yes, acting with that fear and so comforting those who are shut in sending a special packages to the senior citizens in our church who can't get out and come and pick up something and then we are a community church and so we have boxes of food and things like that and drive thru prayer at the same time. so you drive thru for prayer and you get your body. If you don't wanna pray you can still. That's okay, but to offer to the spirit, soul and body all together is something that we're doing in our communities My own Ministry l-e our ministries and I work for Catholic organizations for life. They are doing Father Franklins doing online at 10 o 'clock every day. I'm not Catholic, but sometimes I tune in, he preaches like a Baptist preacher anyway. Yeah, that's so true spirit soul embody is very important. Can I tell you pastor White. I love your tweets if you all seriously if you don't follow Pastore wife every time if I feel a little bit down, I'll just go to Twitter. I mean you've got Donald Trump's tweets and then you've got pastor Whites'. That's right and you're so inspirational that I have always like alright. We gotta we gotta keep on with the fight we got and you know. To the Lord to be our refuge, it's just so I wanna I think you're you're really been dynamic and being able to share you know and really help people stay strong during this during this time as well, It is so true Mercedes and I know we're gonna talk so much more about what the President is doing, but this time I've always kinda looked at our Ministry and what God's called me to do is bring spiritual truths to transform people and that word of encouragement helps as well as like Susy and Alta. We have just. We live in Apopka, Florida, which is about 40 minutes outside of Orlando. It's a community of a little over 30000 people and we have literally from the time of March sixteenth through May 20, -fourth distributed 330 - 5791 pounds of food just through our church, touching 20 - 7320 - one family households. We've also become appointed distribution for 20 other churches in our local area we have picked. For the elderly, We've partnered with people like World Vision City, Cisco Costco Second Harvest we've had a hundred and $80000 in goods where people have donated that we've been able to take to and transition families from homelessness to homes and those goods that we've been able to do their houses. We've been in every single homeless shelter. we've been in every domestic abuse shelter we've been in every human trafficking. We have a 24 hour prayer line that is so important to people because this time we've also trained our leadership through a program called Dare to care under Doctor Tim Clinton. How to be mental health care Christian providers and they literally get a certificate to be able to help people during these times of stress and anxiety and the problems that we're facing. so you'll see some people think church is just about going on a Sunday morning Church is seven days a week 20 -. We've it's not like you know time off. you know this is what we do who we are and in today's world, there is no time off. You gotta pray all the time. Amen. So let me what I wanna talk about what President Trump has done and what the administration has been able to do so. Ivanka Trump has partnered with USDA Secretary Sonny Purdue to come up with the program that they just launched. It's called farmers to families Food box program and basically they. Take the federal government would buy me produce and dairy products from the farmers and ranchers. At the local distribution centers and then they packed up those boxes and deliver to those people in need. I wanna show a quick clip from the President when he launched when he announced this program. But that's a lot of money. you're talking about a total of 16 billion, plus three billion and you know we bought last week and it's already in distribution three billion dollars worth of product for the food lines that it's this is already in. I see that they're handing it out, I see where they couldn't get food. They're having a hard time and we have this incredible ranchers and farmers that have so much food and I said, let's spend that money and give it to our farmers our ranchers and it's worked out really well. I love this President because he is he thinks so out of the box all the time so let me sissie. let me go to you. I mean you were someone who supported the President early on and what was it about? Trump that you're like you know what we're gonna support them and we're gonna back them up and we're gonna bring other evangelicals along to support this President while I was an early supporter early on with President Trump, but what I love that was his transparency, you know when it came to the Supreme Court judges Bann, he gave a list his stands on life and religious freedom, but what I love in these women can and you mercedes can attest for a man his caliber He. To anybody in the room and he will take what they say and he'll hear their advice and might take a couple of backs or a couple of days to think about it, but he'll always get back to you. He will listen to everybody's ideas and how thankful I am for that, but I think for many people like I said earlier for some evangelicals that came down to the Supreme Court and boy did he keep his promises made promises kept he did that with moving the embassy to Jerusalem when it came to Israel, he's taking that stance on life, religious liberty and Judges and I think we've seen that's why it is so important elections are so important and elections matter, and this one coming up. It's gonna be bigger than the 2016 because there's so much at stake right now and with the Democratic Party so far left so secular so anti-god, but we have a President as Paula White said Earlier. He's a disruptor. You might not like what he has to say sometimes, but let me tell you. I've always said I like somebody to say what they're thinking you don't have to guess what they're saying right like he's gonna tell you. So thankful for that, he is bold enough to take a stand against those in Washington and when these lower courts, what matters is we've seen in the last couple of weeks like we saw in North Carolina with the governor there, the same thing with the churches. there was a judge in place that you know he was able to interpret the law differently on the freedom of worship and to overrule the governor there. and when he's put all these judges in place here that changes the generation for my children. That these are life appointments and save you just ask me what it was. I can remember sitting on the couch watching that last debate between Hillary Clinton and President Trump, and that segment that she talked about abortion and that late term abortion, I couldn't believe we are sitting there debating late term or third term abortion in this country does genocide that we have faced and it was it was grotesque. It was sick and he called it for what it was right in front of her and I'll never forget that so I voted I went. Unapologetically voting for Trump thinking of my children and the next generation and what he's done in the court system has changed that for my children for the next 30 years. Well, I gotta tell you I'm looking so forward to the Joe Biden six feet apart debate from President Donald Trump because I don't think Joe Biden stands a chance. I mean I don't know about you, but I mean watching Joe Biden talk from the basement just without really having a comprehensive. For America, not standing up for life, you know exactly where he's gonna go in terms of your point. in terms of judges, I mean how detrimental is that to our country. You know I wanna jump in here Mercedes and just say a few things I think when they get into debates, we'll be able to find out who Joe Biden is because he won't define himself and he's all over the map and I think these debates are gonna absolutely define when he's called to the carpet of how can you go from being a Catholic Pro-Life to now, you're okay with late-term abortion like like Sissie, said Withno saying it not just moments before the birth. but after the birth you can execute this baby. So this is a huge. It should be to every single person I wanna go back to families a former to families and show why it's so important because President Trump is a solution President and something very unique about him is that he's not only about you typically have presidents that are just you know they're about pro-life and this and like they're about just causes. are you have presents that are about social President Trump is about both when you're taking an issue like farmers to family. there are people. Or that have lost their job due to this no-I millions of people and like I said, If anyone will get this economy back, it will be President Trump. We believe that we know that, but there are people that are hungry and no child should go to bed hungry. So what did he do immediately three billion dollars for our distressed farmers? So let me explain to you? what this is on. It's just a ground level. That means every state every County is working. They brought these people who applied for the grants that became the suppliers. This is the most. Just boxes I've actually seen them. I've been a part. I've touched them. I've helped distribute them you're looking at dairy at me at produce. It's very similar to Snap program. so it's nutrition. It's not just oh Here's a few bottles of water and here's a few tips. It is things that that that families would not be able to survive. Eat have health and go to bed hungry ET cetera. There's one church in Dallas that saw this past weekend new beginnings. So you have all never before has this happened because he's using the houses of worship over 380 - 4000 to do that last mile so that the farmer got it the suppliers packaged it put everything together, then an unprecedented coalition was founded that coalition included your largest not for profits like World Vision City Serve Mercy Chefs. I mean it just goes on and on rescue mission etcetera. They all came together not pay a dime. Pay a dollar anything and they mapped out the United States got this into the hands of houses of worship that know how to get it to the people that need it. the most now that is huge when you know what it is my father died when I was five years old and we went from wealth to poverty and I get some days two to three days without eating and I I've literally have they call it spaghetti noodles with ketchup on it and fight over a little. My brother and remember just crying myself to sleep my father committed suicide and those feelings never leave you that that those moments and I've been blessed I've worked hard. I've overcome a lot of things, but my passion is not only yes, let's do what the Bible says. That's my conviction to take care of the poor and needy, but you'll never forget when you've been seared with trauma like that and President Trump, though he's not had. Where he didn't have to go to bed without food, he cares like he did. He cares like he's been in that place, and he make sure that the most vulnerable are taking care of and we're watching by the end of this week, we will have over one point five million boxes into the into people's hands who are very hungry and that would not otherwise be Fed. So I'm so grateful for all that he's done and I just want to get back to that family or that farmers to family program because it was huge and that's just one thing that we could talk about what persons and oh my God. Brought that up and just real quick Doctor King. I love that idea of the President being a solution. President Doctor King your thoughts on that and I give you a really quick and timeline 1963 prayer was taken out of schools that the same year Martin Luther King's. I have a Dream speech by the way, but prayer was taken out of school 10 years later, Abortion became legal in America. All these are liberals. You have to think about few years later late seventies early. Pay the farmers not to farm Don't stop for me. that's divert that. Somewhere in the family and you have a congressman Monaghan at some point that you keep doing all this stuff Laura of unexpected outcomes. Then we move forward to 90 - four Joe Biden in Congress, saying. Well, there's a group of people. We just need to lock them up. I don't care what happened to them. I don't care about their trauma. I don't care why they act like that, lock them up to the family to our morals. Our principles take the church out. Take God out not God never will. God is saying, but push God away from you so all of this Godley activity brought us to where in the end of the last administration, pushing abortion and breaking up the family and letting kids do what they wanna do. don't take away parental rights all that. So then you have a man Donald Trump undergo don't worship me worship of God the word to be on the help. So here we are promises made promises kept in every area. We just need the farm. Thank God so they're ready and they're now doing this wonderful program guided by the President. who's got it by God. So it's very important. We are have time. We're returning to God. Second Chronicles 714 but we have to hold. That's what faith is rising. faith is strong. Hope is a lie. Love Never Fails and as we hold on to all of those truths and we see these promises made and promises kept I don't know if we have time. This today maybe later but voter fraud because sometimes as Christians, we can be very pious and we would never do anything like that. So we all wanna know that it exists. but President Trump at the other day, he says. I think he said Seven million ballots were mailed somewhere and some state to illegal immigrants and stuff like that they have people voting all of that and the President, Trump says No. so we have to be alert awake. We need to vote ourselves, but we need to be aware of that type of activity we. Just saw a case in Philadelphia, it was an election fraud case. The man pleaded guilty was a judge and in a Democrat and he was involved in this election fraud case and you're seeing the ballot harvesting happening in in States like California and you know they're obviously trying to push it in Nevada. These Democrats will stop at no end to damage the election in illegal immigrants all types of things so and then you close the churches so the church is gonna have the balance to teach the word of God and just say, register to vote and not not. To vote for but just vote, according to the word of God right and that's why I found because the churches can educate and pass out too well even think about everything I just said so taking care of the school. what the President Trump did he reassured guidance. And he said it is our constitutional right to abortion. What did he do most Pro-life President March for Life defunding Planned Parenthood Mexico City nine billion dollars of foreign tax. I mean we could go on and on about that strengthening the family continually doing that farmers everything you just mentioned he brought solution to in three years of problems we've been with for 30 years, 40 years. Let me ask you a quick question. We have this bill going through the House of Representative that is being championed by none other than Speaker Nancy. And her fellow Democrat friends so parts of this bill. it's an it's a 1008 hundred page Bill three trillion dollars in additional three trillion dollars with no good faith cooperation with Republicans. Even some of the the Democrats were in Trump districts won't even support the bill, but it has in the bill the door for taxpayer opening the door for taxpayer funding to go to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. For Nancy Pelosi, Pelosi abortion was kind of together actually I'm kinda like I know that's funny. That was that was. that's that's I gotta use that one Nancy Pelosi has been such an advocate for abortions that they believe that Planned Parenthood is an essential business in an essential service. Tell us how it's possible explain to us how it's possible that these Democrat Party, the party of Joe Biden, are willing to use. Corona virus pandemic to subsidize the killing of the unborn. Isn't it, I don't know if anybody can explain it Mercedes because it really it's evil, They're using their evil agenda to negotiate when lives are on the line, and there are no words for that. I think America sees what it is and they saw her true colors. they're seeing in the Democratic true colors that they'll use these social issues at you know at the lives of many of Americans instead of getting working together coming together, getting the job done and it's like as you said. Trump He's a problem solver. He's just as all these ladies mentioned. he's seen these problems and just three short years. He's had many solutions for all of them. But what Nancy Pelosi does is they're not gonna give a deal unless you give something back to me. Okay and what we teach our children. I have a six year-old a three year-old. That's not what I teach my children to do, but it's an evil agenda and to think that abortion is not health care. That's a. As a woman, I deserve that right, no way do other Americans need to be paying for women's abortions around the world. It's a genocide and I do think with what President Trump has done with his stand on pro-life going to the March for life. I was there this year. I asked my dad to come with me. he marched with me. I was so inspired by this younger generation that knows truth, They know the science behind it and they have grace to do it and they're taking a stand. Capitol Hill and I truly believe in a life in this lifetime. I never thought it was possible. I do now that we might see weight over Magda to be illegal but to be unthinkable just as we saw the civil rights movement that segregation that's just unthinkable that abortion one day will be unthinkable and that would be because he has plowed the way and that's right Can Do It. I wanna Doctor King just to give us a brief response. I know this is an issue that's very close to your heart. He says something very important that people just don't hear enough of yes abortion kills the baby and that's wrong. That's a human being. just like we are abortion is not health care. abortion kills women by the hundreds and now it's being revealed by the thousands a lot of them with sepsis bleeding in the process. different things developed later and then the trauma talk about trauma. there's mental and emotional trauma. I actually experience the emotions in my life and I did a dependent and the Lord has healed. But our body suffered in a few of those things are still I have to really work on nutrition and a lot of other things to make this whole body keep working because of things that those abortions did to me. so I lost the children, but the abortions actually hurt me physically mentally my soul and spirit and body do pastor just just it's got a quick reaction before we go to break. you know I think again in terms of this bill that Nancy Pelosi is is pushing forward. Again and Nancy is showing who she is and that there's such extremist. there is no I've always been pro life. I got pregnant out of wedlock at 18 years old. I had a Planned Parenthood found that out I was pregnant, they said. What do you wanna do and I just looked at him and I was like what do you mean? what am I gonna do? Of course, I kept my wonderful son, who's 34 years old now and as a pastor, I think this is important to echo what I said we see the trauma effects of. Who have those deep scars from and there's no condemnation? God is a loving God. He's a great to God. He's a merciful God that's here for you if you've had an abortion that if you went what what did I do because there is so much impact and and Nancy it just has such disregard for all of life that you can execute a child and I mean how unthinkable is this that not at nine months after that baby comes out. Oh do you want it? Do you not? Executed and to pay for that with taxpayer dollars and is she thinking really about that young girl like myself? What would I do without my two beautiful grandchildren or my son, she thinking about the trauma? No she's thinking about her political agenda and it is evil and it is wrong and may we wake up to really look and see the true picture of what we're dealing with and the she's not gonna stop at anything until the people voter out. There is no question you're absolutely right and the Nancy pelo. Direction that she wants to take this country is the same direction that Joe Biden will take this country. He will be a champion for late term abortion. He will not be supportive of women's health and at the end of the day, it's been President Trump, who has really stood strong in fighting for the for the unborn and for promoting the culture of life in America. We're gonna take one final break. This is faith in America. Stay with us America is being threatened by an invisible, but deadly enemy President Trump is leading. Unprecedented response to this threat, making the tough call early by banning travel from China and Corona virus Epicenters declaring a National emergency mobilizing scientists doctors and nurses to treat patients and find a cure testing more people than any other country investing billions of dollars to help develop a vaccine and President Trump is putting American workers and families first by increasing unemployment insurance providing paid. Fighting for directs to families and helping small businesses survive together, we will defeat this pandemic and emerge, safer stronger and healthier than ever because we are America the greatest country on Earth. I'm Donald J Trump and I approve this message. All in the China shop changing Washington, it takes a Donald Trump to demand truth from China shut down foreign travel, get ventilators and tests now raise unemployment benefits cash relief to families. Washington's come to that President Trump's not always polite mister Nice guy won't cut it. He doesn't his way, not the Washington way, but Donald Trump gets it done. I'm Donald J Trump and I approve this message. Well, welcome back to faith in America. My name is Mercedes Schlapp. Let's get right to it. Doctor King. We're going through this Corona virus pandemic. How are you encouraging others to remain steadfast in their faith? God bless me right in the Middle of the pandemic to start a new online TV show Pro-life Praise variety show on in abortion dot TV. It's not just about abortion. It has all things Spirit, Soul and Body cooking exercise. You name it and yet the. To-night is to be prayerful to be faithful. don't be fearful be prayerful. Don't be fearful or fearful. be prayerful. Pray don't panic faith is very strong. faith works by love and hope has to be among us and so I'm encouraging people you can watch it on Wednesdays at 330 in the afternoon and eight pm or on YouTube and places like that, Pro-life praise variety show. and so we've encourage. Because we know even with covid- 19, the difference between people getting out of the hospital and off the respirator or not sometimes once they were afraid they were alone. They were scared and so comfort pray we pray for those who've experienced loss. We thank God for those who have recovered and we can do this together and we really do Thank God for our President and I thank God for each of you as well. Cece let me turn to you have a podcast right now and you're reaching out to moms. How are you keeping please keep our? Tie it is so tough right now trying to home school the kids trying to you know if you were if you're working at the out of home, it's it's tough. so what's your message to moms out there? Yeah. I have a podcast podcast and it's a fearless faith and a compromising culture, and we talk about all kinds of issues cuz these aren't political issues that our world is facing their biblical issues and it starts with the heart, but as we have faced this time of uncertainty and women and mothers, we've taken on new roles and trying to. All at once, it's it's been pretty difficult, but the Scripture says that God's word will revive us in Psalm 119 and it's God's word and God's word only will be the solid rock we stand on to face the storms of life, whether it's political storms, whether that's a pandemic or personal issues that we're facing. but I won't women. I want moms to know that God created us not to be fearful but to be strong to courageous and brave as evangelicals, but also Americans that we don't retreat. but. It says those who know their God will be able to stand in strength and take action and on the podcast. I want you to know your God so that we can face these days these days we have and these days as Americans that we have ahead of us and I hope that's an encouragement to women and moms. I am taking notes as we speak. I'm gonna have a great conversation with my kids about this as well. Pastor White President Trump and his administration have been tackling the issue of mental health during the Corona virus pandemic We've seen first lady. Trump's second lady Karen Pence launched the prevents program to encourage Americans to take care of their mental health. walk us through what this with this prevents program is doing for three years ago. President Trump did an initiative to prevent recognizing that our veterans are most vulnerable that the suicide rate was astronomically much higher than the average person and so he initially launched it for our veterans during Covid- 19. They put full force behind it because it was getting ready to go into a full force launch. We hit cobo. And then second lady and first lady truly got behind this first lady putting out materials to her be best program for children how we emotionally and mentally and physically take care of them. Of course, they've been on the line with all governors helping provide mental health care Second lady with the deputy assistant of the Interior Department, saying it's good to get out and and doing stuff like take a walk or help you know just get out. I want people to know right now so they they have really tackled this. I heard Kellyanne Conway recently on talking about how we've had more suicide in California and then we have this. We've had a few over a few 3000 deaths, which is horrific due to it, but we had over 4000 suicides and I just saw a clip from Walnut Creek, California outside of the Bay area. That said, it's mostly young people in their. That feels so hopeless and helpless, and I just have to do this Mercedes because we know there's an uptick in anxiety and fear and loneliness and trauma the whole world has just faced trauma and if you feel lost right now and if you feel maybe you just tuned in to even make fun of the faith or you're going. I'm not really on Trump's side or I don't wanna know I don't want not sure, but you just have to watch. I want you to know God is here for you. And there's no depth or there's nothing you're going through. that is too deep. I cannot bring you out of and people when they feel hopeless that when they get in this, what is called a baseline as I mentioned earlier in my father committed suicide when I was five years old, not because he was a bad person because he saw no way out and there is a way out and his name is God and I don't care how far you feel in being lost or alone know that God. You and he uses people and God can send one person into your life to shift everything know that you're valuable that you're worthy and that you are loved and our administration is doing everything they can do to get that message in very tangible ways to help people during this very real struggles. Let's finish off with just a quick 20 -second final thoughts for our viewers a doctor King I'll start with you fear not have faith in. We don't worship government, we worship God pray and keep moving forward. just beautiful sissie. Oh. thank you ladies for such a wonderful day. I love talking about this how thankful we are and just encouraging people to pray for our President. This is why elections matter we need men and women on the local state levels and the President who will protect religious freedom who will be problem solvers and and always. Who we worship and that's the God that we need more prayer and not less pastor. Why do you wanna finish this off our wonderful show with a with a prayer? I'd love to and I would add faith without action and works is dead. so we've got to do something guys. We have to get out. We have to register voters there are over 20 million evangelical voters that are not registered and you are the difference maker more than this broadcast more than anything you know. talk to your neighbors. Talk to your friends share with them Some of the information you got today and have an honest open discussion about the future about the word of God. I know people try to go all politics and religion, but both impact your life tremendously and I like to just say, have a talk about faith and just look. this is what President Trump stands for. This is what Joe Biden stands for and help them make sure that they don't sit at home November is gonna be our most important month pray. And do father, I just thank you so much that you will wrap your arms of love around each and every one of us we pray for the families that have lost loved ones. We ask that you would just hold them so tight that your love would consume them. We cast all our cares upon you knowing that you care for us, according to Philippians, 46 and seven that we we let our anxieties our worries be made known to you than the peace of God, which passes all understanding will keep our heart and mind through Christ Jesus. We pray for wisdom and. And I had of protection around our President, surrounded with godly counsel. Let him walk in righteousness God for you in Psalm 30 - three that blessed is the nation who calls you Lord. So we make these declarations and decrees and according to Job 20 - two verse 20 - eight, it will be established in Jesus name. Amen ladies. This has been just a spectacular show. We thank you for your time. We thank you for opening up your hearts to us. But I have to say like Pastore mentioned this is about reelecting President Donald J Trump in November. We know early voting starts in a lot of these States and we need all of you to get involved. is your voices is your strength. It is your faith who will help us get across the finish line and ensure that President Trump continues to lead our nation, but there's a couple of things. I need you all. Out there, but it is download our new groundbreaking Trump 2020 app. You can download that on Apple and Android or you can stay in contact with us by texting stand STAND at eight zero two. That's eight zero two. We want you to get involved go to our website to volunteer Army for dot com Great place to be able to. Part of this incredible movement we need all of you to stay active, get involved and help us get President Trump reelected. I wanna thank all my special guests tonight. This is Mercedes schlock for faith in America on Team Trump online. God bless you. God bless our great Nation and God bless President Donald J Trump. Thank you.

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