Kaki King - It's little riffs and ideas like this that...

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It's little riffs and ideas like this that form the basis of most of my songs, but as I play things over and over they morph and grow and take directions...

Posted 9 months ago in Music & Audio

Richard Dorado 9 months ago

I love writing like that too. Playing until it feels natural then replaying so it sounds unnatural. I really love the haunting feeling of JUST an acoustic. I can’t wait to see what you do. ❣️

Brandon LaPlante 9 months ago

Such an emotional little riff. Got me right in the feels, thanks for the Sunday inspiration Kaki.

Oliver Goicochea 9 months ago

I would love to hear you sing again, like in your album Junior which it's one of my favorites

Deborah-Ann Blackbird 6 months ago

It's so relaxing!

Cornelius Julius Marsico 9 months ago

Such an inspiration! Wish I had half the chops you do 👏💃

Marty Carlton 9 months ago

I can imagine some vibraphone or reverberating chimes coming in after a bit.