Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan - Road to WrestleMania 37: WWE Playlist

WWE • 10 months ago   22.6K     282  •  606.9K Views
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Before Roman Reigns defends the Universal Title against Edge and Daniel Bryan at WWE WrestleMania, look back at the history between these three opponents.

Gbenga Odusanya
Gbenga Odusanya9 months ago

Very interesting piece. I think it would be best for business if Edge wins at Wrestlemania. I wouldn't mind Roman winning too but definitely not Bryan.

Onie Mwarira
Onie Mwarira10 months ago

Edge is going to win the universal champion at WrestleMania.....believe that

Alice Spratt
Alice Spratt9 months ago

Roman will never learn to never say never.The Empire is going to Fall!!

Samuel Freeman
Samuel Freeman10 months ago

Roman reigns is the best and is going to win believe it or not.
Unless he decided to give it out.

JW Gabalaty
JW Gabalaty10 months ago

Roman will win at wrestlemania
Believe it

Rahul Raveendran Nrd
Rahul Raveendran Nrd10 months ago

Wwe put overpush to daniel bryan. It was same as 2014.. Edge vs Roman one on one match should happend. A great main event spoiled by daniel bryan

Petrus N Shamba
Petrus N Shamba10 months ago

Romain Reign you are my favorite Wrestler.. I know you will win

Connie Naish
Connie Naish10 months ago

I just don't want the Yes person (not a man) lol to win. Hopefully he will quit soon. He is boring!!

Bj Alvarado
Bj Alvarado10 months ago

I went Roman still universal championship wrestle mania 37 believe that the shield 2014 and 2015 or 2020

Omar Mac
Omar Mac10 months ago

I have 2 tickets to wrestlemania tomorrow April 10th if anyone wants them I’m in Orlando will not be able to make the show. Free of charge and i can transfer them to you.