Lads Have Ridiculously Fast Hands

LADbible • 9 months ago   706.7K     93.3K  •  79.8M Views
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These guys' ridiculously fast hands can't be real 馃槼馃槷 (Correction: this footage was manipulated by the original content creator)

Posted 9 months ago in Fitness & Workouts
LADbible9 months ago


The Family Ticket
The Family Ticket9 months ago

Still not quicker than my husband in bed though

Carl Holman
Carl Holman9 months ago

How does he fiddle with himself? He'll rip it off at those speeds.

Ashwin Chauhan
Ashwin Chauhan9 months ago

10 seconds for a wank at that speed! 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Daniel Lloyd
Daniel Lloyd9 months ago

There's always that one special mate , in his room alone, training how fast he can make his hand go

Slasher Trash
Slasher Trash9 months ago

Imagine him doing that to your balls.