Senorita - - Old Is Gold !🖤🥀

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- Old Is Gold !🖤🥀

Posted 1 year ago in Music & Audio

Hanan Altaf 1 year ago

This song back in those days, had the capacity to remind us of the ex we never had.

Disha Mehra 1 year ago

Can't much I was / I am still influenced by this movie...and you maddyyyy

Kashish Rizvi 1 year ago

This movie and its songs will never get old.❤️❤️

Ilora Ila 1 year ago

love this song since i wasn’t able to understand a single word..and Maddy is a love❤

Parth Thorat 12 months ago

The rain scene is still one of best scene for me till date

Abhishek Tiwari 1 year ago

At that time I liked the I'm in love with it....

Sanmugesh Mv 1 year ago

Tamil version is more soulful

Rahul Majumder 1 year ago

The national break up song of our time. Love it ❤

Qiňťåřå Khåň 1 year ago

This film,.....❤

Lima Mustafa 1 year ago

Tears on his eyes expressed that how much he loves her.....