You've Been Splitting Firewood with an Axe Wrong!

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You've Been Splitting Firewood with an Axe Wrong!

Posted 9 months ago in Home & Garden

Chris Rizzuto 8 months ago

I've never used an axe to split wood. Always a splitting maul as that's what it's designed for.

Gumecindo Garcia 8 months ago

I had about a cord of twisted wood I been putting off. I had to split it for our cold weather this week, it didn't break like that wood! It sure burned good though

Buddy Green 9 months ago

Start with someone who knows how to use a chainsaw and can cut up a tree so that your logs aren't cut on a 30 degree angle. Ffs I could down a case of beer and still cut straighter. Second...get the right tool for the job. I can split logs 5 times that size with an actual splitting axe and do it faster than it took you to do that one little one.

James Cunningham 9 months ago

Never split wood with an axe. Always used a maul and it was much quicker than this.

Mary Bartholomew 9 months ago

That's quite a lot of fireworks can you help handle thousands of Courts which you do not split it like that at all lessons on how to split firewood because you're splitting it too fine for most people most people don't want their what you put that phone I know I've been there done that

Randy Ater 8 months ago

Try that with something green and not so seasoned, heavy ash or red oak won't be so giving sir, but I was always a maul kinda guy

Karen Peacock 8 months ago

This looks like that technique would lower splitting time and looks safer!

Rendal Loucks 9 months ago

Us a dull splitting axe. Hit the wood with your axe head tilted at a slight angle. The glance will force the wood apart easily. Green wood splits easily than dry

Tylor Nicholson 9 months ago

To be fair, I could split those logs with one hand. No knots and dry. Will always prefer standing them up

Billy Sullivan 9 months ago

So much easier when you use the log splitter.