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ICYMI: The Right View with Lara Trump, Katrina Pierson, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Mercedes Schlapp!

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President of the United States look at the lines. A lot of President Trump's supporters of movements in the history of our country, Joe Biden refuses as the leader of the Democrat Party to speak out and put an end to the lawlessness. He's ashamed of our country. The VA as I said earlier was just a mess under the Obama administration. How many police officers need to be assaulted in the streets of Portland by radical left Moss in order for Joe Biden to condemn this, I don't understand how we have leaders who think that it's okay to tell us as parents that our kids can go and get an abortion without our. Yet we have no right to keep them home from school. It's just it's it's completely hypocritical. I can't believe that he's calling these folks. He's from protesters. Well, I think Joe Biden is totally on the wrong page on this and he's completely out of step with where American women are when they talk about how to protect their families. Glorious Nation under God. Make America Great again. Welcome. To team Trump. Wednesday just got better because the ladies are live discussing the hottest topics of the week with you tonight and we will make America great again. Hey everybody. I'm Laura Trump and welcome to the right view with me as always, it's Kimberly Guilfoyle Mercedes in here in person Katrina Pearson We are jealous I am jealous I know well. hopefully we can all be together so I'm gonna say but until then I wanted to give a first a quick shout out to my home state of North Carolina They got hit earlier this week by a hurricane and if anybody watching. North Carolina you'll know that unless it's a category three or above hurricane nobody really pays attention to it. My mom I called Tuesday morning to check in on things and she was like it was really bad here so I wanna be sure to send our thoughts and prayers to everybody in North Carolina, South Carolina affected all the way up the East Coast by the storm. I totally understand what the clean up from that is like my brother and I spent many a day off of school when the rest of our friends who live. Lynn We're just having days off to school after Hurricanes, we were cleaning up our yard and then all the neighbor's yards so thinking of all of you guys but Katrina since you're here with me today what's happening with you Well. I'm so excited this week mainly because I'm back in Washington, DC, So I finally got to see my child my only child 23 - three he's like 23. What are you talking talking about my baby? my baby so you know it's cute. He knows. I'm back There's this, you know constantly like why are you always yelling and you're just looking for things to be wrong? So so reunited with my son and just very excited to get to see the President tomorrow and you know, I'm just happy to be back with my friend. Yay. Love it. love it. What about you mercy well that I had a funny little story so my eight-year-old Lucia who she's she's like number five if you're like the number five child you really, you should be a comedian like that's your calling in life, so she has made a decision she wakes. She goes mom, I'm gonna paint all this vote for Trump signs and put them up all over the neighborhood. I'm gonna get a hammer and a nail and just start like posting them everywhere. Go ahead. Let me make this very clear people. There's more Biden signs in my neighborhood that there would ever be Trump signs and I was like you know what this little eight year old. She's so courageous. so God bless her when she makes she starts painting up these signs and putting them across our neighborhood. We might get. But who cares we're targeting anyways? I didn't even know that Joe had signs look at him. good for the the Biden campaign. what about you? Kimberly? what's happening? Oh my God. What is it right? it is raising money night and day like a complete lunatic but I'm really excited because we're gonna be having some fundraising events here in person with the President, the President is coming to New York and Hamptons this week. so it's gonna be fantastic and I cannot believe the amount of enthusiasm or actually I. And people are excited to be able to support him and participate also be leading a boat parade with Don Junior. in Yes, that's sounds fun so that's gonna be fun and that's out of Montauk on Friday, so we're just showing a loud and proud to support for the President and even in a blue state and it's gonna be fantastic and there's a bundling. you know how much I love to do that around the boat. I'm combining boating and bundling with like prizes. you can get a picture with the President. whoever raises the most. A bundles them out or has like the best like you know both set up so I'm pretty excited about it be out on the get out of the water with the Captain dog Junior and it'll be fun and a lot of you know, Liberty and Freedom-loving Patriots so it should be good jam packed four days make sure he's wearing his life preserver because we we wanna be sure he's safe. Yes. so the fear. Oh yeah. Well, we know he's never far from that. we we are we're less than 90 days to go until Election Day. It's sort of shocking. we're officially here but early. Actually kicks off September fourth in my home state of North Carolina when absentee voting begins. so I mean really guys we are so close to this election, you can actually taste it Kimberly how critical of a role will early voting play in determining the outcome of the election during the really unprecedented time we find ourselves in with this Corona virus. Well, it's such a great question. This is extremely critical. We were on a call this morning about it with For Trump, but with some of the Trump explaining going through it, how we can talk about it in layman's terms to our friends and family to understand the importance of you know early voting and when you have that, they said whatever you do turn it in right away. So there is no no delay in submitting it. The second you get it in your hot hands You've got to do it if that's the way you want to vote. Obviously if you go vote, you know in person on that day that's way to make sure that your vote is you know counted and it gets through versus some of these States that want to do Mail-in voting. Saw them a special elections in New York. They still didn't have all the votes in the ballots in you know weeks and weeks later, so it's it's out of control, but I'm Super excited. It's gonna we're gonna start off with a bang and your home state Laura so I'm excited to those ballots a little Trump ballots that we wanna throw it in the hands of all the guys and girls in North Carolina 30 days from now, but because of the pandemic we are expecting more voters to utilize this early voting option and it is so important for our viewers to. That because November third maybe less than 90 days away, but we better be working harder now than we are on November second because we got it all of those votes in now, locked and loaded and they're starting to decide they're actually maybe some people who are watching and listening to us and to this show and the team Trump online deciding who they will choose to be their next President and that's why our campaign is getting out in front of the curve in many battleground States and early voting state. Make sure that we're engaged with the voters and turning out every single support of the President and some of these States. Laura Katrina Mercy as you know last time they could be incredibly close. so it's all about motivating those people and you know the more votes we can get in as quickly as possible. the better our that we will be yeah and just to make sure everybody at home understands I keep trying to drive this point home absentee voting is 100 percent the way to go if you are not comfortable physically. To a polling location on November third then fill out an absentee ballot. You can request it is tracked you have to have a signature and a proof of identification in order to receive it versus what the Democrats are proposing this universal mailing nonsense very different. You got no way to track it so absentee the way if you're in North Carolina requesting an absentee ballot, you can go to vote dot Donald J Trump dot com. You can find out where you vote and how to register to vote how to get an absentee ballot. I'd like to suggest everybody do that. So as of now the Presidential debate is not scheduled until September 20, -ninth a full month guys after early voting begins so Mercy. how important is it to the American electorate that we add a fourth debate before early voting takes place so the voters can see and hear both candidates cuz we know Joe Biden is gonna stay right down in that basement as long as he can. Yeah, I remember that his advisers are saying, don't even go to the debate just skip the debate just think about Like why why are you gonna go up against Donald Trump? Well, they know why they're nervous that man is gonna be one after the neck that he's not gonna be able to compete against Donald J Trump, but here's the reality. The reality is that early voting is starting up by the time you're talking about 16 States where they'll have early voting even before the first debate and you're talking about millions of people are gonna be able to cast a vote before the first debate. I think by the time it's like the third debate you're talking or the final debate. you're talking about that 45 million. Could have voted already so just think about that you're talking about millions of people who would never even hear from Joe Biden because God only knows he avoids every single softball interview he never has a press conference. he lives in his basement. He's hiding and dodging and we don't know what he stands for publicly in the sense that what we do know is that not only is he hiding but that he is attached himself to the radical left yet the American people will not see him. On the debate stage sharing his vision for America, so I think it's very problematic. It's why we've seen our campaign manager and our leadership team saying let's go. We need this debate and we gotta do it earlier, but you know what it's gonna do. He's just gonna hide. alright Doctor uncover well and by the way of of any year to warrant a fourth debate in the midst of Corona virus where you haven't been able to get people out on the road campaigning in the normal sense people deserve in this. See both candidates on stage before the vote. First votes are cast it is so crucial. it's so critical. I critical. I think we have do it. Meanwhile, members of the mainstream media and Democratic Party are pushing Joe Biden to back out of those debates. So let's watch this absurd clip of former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart, former Clinton White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart wrote an op-ed for CNN dot com titled Joe Biden could still lose this election and as I read it I. Struck this provocative paragraph, quote, whatever you do don't debate Trump has now made more than 20000 misleading or false statements, according to the Washington Post. It's a fool's errand to enter the ring with someone who can't follow the rules or the truth. Biden will undoubtedly take heat from Republicans and the media for skipping the debates, but it's worth the risk as trying to debate someone incapable of telling the truth is an impossible contest to win. Okay. Well there you. Katrina gotta get your reaction to that. Well. I think what we see is the media's gonna do what the media does and that is to protect and defend it. Joe Biden because look they know the moment he steps on the stage with President Trump it is over because most Americans look at your Biden and I think this is just the guy that Obama shows no big deal. Joe Biden has been out there for nearly a century and his record has. Been vetted and so on day one and that first debate they know that Joe Biden will be vetted for the very first time and he does not have a leg to stand on, he cannot defend any of his actions any of his statements or any of his policies, So the media is going to get behind this notion that somehow they can skip the debates, but I don't think that America is going to let that happen Well. I certainly hope not. I mean, let's let's see if he can figure out how to get on the stage if he knows where he is when that happens, No well well. can you imagine that it says he could lose the. If he actually gets up there to answer questions and people hear him. wow. Yeah, it's I mean this is crazy stuff but we're not surprised anymore hearing it from the mainstream media and we touched on this a minute ago Mercy but it really the media has been totally lying about the really important issue that we just discussed the difference between absentee voting and universal mail-in voting. So can you really clarify for our audience? A difference between them because there's a lot of confusion out there and also I wanna let you talk about what just happened in Nevada. It's crazy. Yeah. Well. first of all I think we're all taking a crash course on absentee ballots versus mail-in ballots. I always feel like I'm talking to the political team and going alright, let's go through this one more time. Let me make sure I have this so, for example, the President sent out a Tweet encouraging people in Florida to vote Mail-in, which as we know in Florida it actually is the absentee. Ballot process, which means that if you are absent from your home state or you can't vote in person, you request a ballot they sent over the ballot. You're able to fill it out and send it back in in in what we just called the universal male and voting it literally is that they look at the election file and they say, alright, let's just go and send all these ballots out to the and match these dresses to the election files. Well, you know people move all the time you know you end up. Dad cat voting and you have problems with that's done for 12 years. That's right. so if there is no it's not verified and I think it's important to understand the difference. I think one important thing to note on Nevada is that these liberal Democrats have fundamentally change the voting system in Nevada 90 days before the general election and what they're allowing for this is great that let's say President Trump wins in Nevada. You can Joe Schmo basically we're you say, get your ballot. get your friends and cast your ballot three days as long, It's three days after the election or seven days after Election three days, if it's not postmarked seven days of it is postmark just think about that meaning that if you're short by 5000 votes, you can find your friends and say wait a second. did you cast your ballot? Let's pass it right now day after the election and that's what's so disgraceful they're allowing for valid harvesting, which we know is bad for our seniors because they can go to someone over the age of 65 and be like let me. I feel like you know, fill out your ballot. I will take your ballot and this is just prone to voter fraud and I think that it is a huge problem that these Democrats are pushing for universal mail-in voting because we are not set up to handle such a National scale and voting, especially without verification or with weaken verification well and to your point Mercy three months before an election, all of that's right they wanna throw this in there and by the way the Nevada. You just mentioned guess what they did. They did this literally in the Middle of the night on a Saturday morning at like Two AM, they rammed to this through. so I guess nobody was gambling out in Las Vegas. I guess they were all dealing with trying to rip off the American people and you know fraudulently changing an election and why would you do such a thing? Democrats is it because you know that your candidate has no shot at beating President Donald Trump. I think the answer is yes, and it's really horrify. See what these people are doing they will go to any length possible to try and prop up Joe Biden like a weekend at Bernie's skit. I mean it's the saddest thing I've ever seen it's really frightening to think of this happening in the United States of America, but here we are and it's all the more reason we need to win on November third by such such victory that it doesn't matter how many Cody's they've got out there. It doesn't matter how many of these fake votes they send in after the election, Donald Trump will still be the victor. Everybody get out and vote. Alright we're gonna take a quick Commercial break. Stay right with us. We'll be back with you. I'm Donald J Trump and I approve this message. Welcome back to the right I'm Kimberly Guilfoyle National Chair of Trump Victory Finance Committee and joining us now is Kaiya Jones's Grammy Award winning recording artist and now an advisory board member to the Trump campaign. so welcome to the program. Kaya Thank you for having me. Alright fantastic. So can you please share your story with our viewers? Oh, that's a that's a big one. I don't know if we have time for all of that but in a nutshell I've been singing most of my life. I started with the pussy. Left due to my personal convictions and abuse that the girls in that group I went on to continue to make music became a DJ created a record company was the youngest female in history to do so at the time when I was 20 - six went on to do a fashion brand and then in 2016 I was DJing opening for Calvin Harris a month later I came out as a Trump supporter and that was the end of me performing and doing anything my brand was kicked out of the store that it was in and Me really understanding like what do I do now and so to harness that and really kind of focus on speaking out more for our President speaking out more for our country and really following my passion and my faith and that subsequently led me to sing in Christian music and I was able to win a Grammy last year from it. So yes and I'm also serving on an advisory board for the President. So how incredible is that yes, Well, God blesses us in many ways, especially when we show our courage and our faith. Proud of you and that was an incredible moment when you're able to get that to get the awards so perfect. Yeah, you know Kimberly I agree. I mean this is you know now we have you so you know it's it's one of those things that you know. it's it's that little silver lining there and you know we think you're doing a great job out there being a voice and again being a leader and you know you hear stories like yours and you wonder why all of a sudden you're being a Trump supporter. just really does all this quote damaged to someone's psyche and it's really their problem. You know not ours so but having. We do see Democrats on the other side right who have major issues and who you children, you don't want to look up to and this is one of those things that. is double standard that continues It's it's you know. it's a horrible Trump but hey all this other horrible stuff you know, let's let's go ahead and support that and it's very intolerant even though the left claims to be tolerant, We know that just simply is not true. but why is the left? Why are the Democrats? Why is the media so into? Individuals that don't fit their required ideology I feel that I would blame the media because you know majority of Americans when you walk outside your door if you go grocery shopping, you don't hate anyone you don't hate your neighbor. The media's perpetually creating this narrative. that's very divisive and very in a nutshell chaotic it's created a narrative that is now putting people against people to a point where family members don't wanna talk people don't wanna work with one another. It's divisive. It's bad and it's down right scary because it. It's creating a narrative that win or lose they're still making money. you know if we go into a civil war, They're there to shoot it. They're making money. So this is the thing is that we have to be careful on who do we blame cuz I have friends on the left that have called me up and they said they're voting for Trump so I can tell you it's not all just left or right. I think people are now starting to see that this is a media issue and media really needs to be held accountable. Absolutely first of all I I wanna say I have five. All love to sing and they try to out compete each other and we kinda call them the laps, which I'm sure to meet you would love you so so I I mercy both on the right. I'd love it what happened they would hijack the whole entire show there They can get a word in with those slobs and if you and if you throw my husband and it's even worse, but you know I I really you know you mentioned something that's so important, which is those people who come to you and we call. Trump whispers are kinda quiet and and they don't wanna speak up and really you know we're so proud that you did speak up because you are a voice for so many young girls out there who are afraid that they're gonna be bullied because they believe in the work and and and the record that Donald Trump has been able to achieve But first of all, I'd like to get your reaction. Let me let's play this new ad that was just released by our campaign featuring a silent majority vote. Okay. I'm Donald J Trump and I approve this message so let me get your reaction to this ad in Liberal Hollywood. are there the silent majority Trump supporters There are I'll go as far as to say there are people that have been outspoken against the President that voted for him and I know that they did, but they don't wanna lose their job and I think they understand that now we're moving into a time at that time, it made sense why they chose to be you know playing the game that I I can't do. I'm not. I'm not very good at lying but. Now, what we're seeing I've literally really important high profile friends that people know calling me and saying I was really wrong about him. I was really wrong about you. I I feel like I'm waking up like have I been blind to what's going on and I think that's the thing is the media has been perpetuating divisiveness. They're looking at the two candidates they're looking into what's going on and I think across the across the board people can get behind someone who's human trafficking. He's doing so much for the country and I. That's like a bipartisan issue when you talk about, that's something that everyone can really get behind and a lot of people feel that Hollywood is really kind of gotten away with a lot of things that they shouldn't have gotten away with and this President is now speaking up for them in a really big way and I think I think you're gonna see a Red tsunami. I said that to a large from you know you're a you're and a half ago, but I mean it, I think you're gonna see a Red tsunami and I think it's gonna be really great and it's time you know I don't know if they're gonna stay as silent as they did in 2016. you're starting to see. Energetically people are getting stronger. I would say every day people now are you see flags everywhere you see flags you see flags you see American flags people are starting to get really and especially with the masks you have to wear a lot of masks now, everyone's wearing a mask now and I've seen so many, you know. Star Spangled Banner masks and that to me is their way of speaking through this mess. If you want to silence me but I'm with my country and this is the most pro-america President we've had. Really long time he's he's really doing a fantastic job and I think we we need to get behind and we need to support him. We're we're in a war and it's it's serious and I think we need to get out there and do as much as we can. Yeah, I think you're totally right and you know it is really astonishing that we have found ourselves in a very short period of time in a space of America where you are courageous, You are the lone Ranger if you stand with your hand over your heart for our National anthem and you plan a professional sports team instead of kneeling with all the other. And I think you're right, I think people are waking up and they're saying this is not the America that I love why aren't we championing our flag? Why are we thinking the folks in our military who lay their lives on the line every single day and some give their lives for our freedom. So I think you're right. I you did say it to me a Red tsunami. I think the silent majority is very real. I think it's bigger in 2020. so yeah by the way for all the reasons that you just laid out people get it and they don't like when they see what we have seen it again a very short period of time take place in this country. Again, we all wanna Thank you because what you're doing by speaking out by making your voice heard. you are such a presence on social media and and it's really it's empowering to a lot of people. I think to see that but you're taking direct action to help Reelect President Trump this November talk about some of the ways and some of your efforts and how other people can get involved. Well, I talk about you guys and him 20 - 47 as many people I urge everyone to if you're not following the President if you're not following Laura Katrina Kimberly you need to get involved. you need to see the day-to-day action, especially what Ivanka did you know this morning? It's it's important to know what's going on. It's important to stay activated. You can also text eight zero two to get immediately connected and then you'll be looped into what's going on if you wanna know what's going on, you can also go to Donald J Trump dot com and you know get plugged in with there's multiple coalitions for every kind of American as there should be. And I think right now I wanna just kind of pivot and say to religious leaders because this is important. We're seeing what's happening right now with not being able to worship in our places of worship and really having to plug in our homes, which is very disheartening for many. so if you are, you know a pastor or a rabbi and you're not reaching out to your congregation and getting them tied in to registering them to vote. that would be the biggest. I feel like you've got to get people registered to vote, We have to make this happen. This is our liberties on the line. This is America on the line and they're not just coming after Donald Trump they're coming after our flag or anthem our Constitution and everything that we have been built by and so you if you didn't lose your land as a Native American, your family fought to protect the land or you your family built. And so it's really important that everyone understand how serious this is this is outside indoctrination and we need to combat it and we need to get him reelected because it's literally him between us and them and so we gotta make it happen and also just I appreciate you bringing that up about aka our great Attorney General Bill Barr, 35 million dollars to get people to a place from human trafficking and this is really one of the most horrific crimes also that I saw as a prosecutor and the child and sex trafficking that's going on and really now shining bright light on it getting those people to resources. Housing assistance that they need to escape a life of enslavement like that is it could not be more important. It's another reason to really just applaud the President. the administration of Blanka for what she did. Kai. What a pleasure to have you on the program and and enjoy DC and keep being a vocal loud and proud. I really appreciate your leadership. I'm honored. I'm honored. I love you all. Alright. God bless God bless you. God bless you. alright everyone. we're gonna be right back after this short break with more of the right people stay with us. As we have already seen his America first agenda has lifted all Americans up and have empowered them with true economic emancipation that has once again made the American Dream possible. That's why I want you to text Empower to eight eight zero two right now if you want to keep America great and deliver four more years for President Donald J Trump. I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message my administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat. Derek phobia, giving Americans a false is that if these steps had not been put in place, it could have been two billion people down here in the United States. Yes, no matter how hard they try to stop us. They can't you built the greatest economy the world has ever seen and we're gonna do it again. Getting back to the invisible enemy what the federal government did was a phenomenal accomplishment through all the world has witnessed the unyielding resolve of our incredible American people promise made promise kept and I'm fighting for you and I love doing it with everything that I have. With the grace of God we will win this war and we will win this war quickly and we will make America great. And welcome back to the right view. I'm Katrina Pearson senior adviser to President Trump's reelection campaign and now let's take a look at the other new ad recently released by the campaign called Takeover. Joe Biden has embraced the policies of the radical left trillions in new taxes crushing Middle class families If you're like me, your taxes are gonna be raised not cut Amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants that is a shift for 1190 - nine documented folks reducing police funding. Yes, absolutely the radical left has taken over Joe Biden Don't let them take over America. I'm Donald J Trump and I approve this message. Okay. So Laura why would voters want to relinquish all of the progress and the massive accomplishments that was given to all of America by President Trump in Exchange for Biden. Well, I think the answer is they don't and I think whenever you see that ad, it becomes very clear where Joe Biden stands and where President Donald. Stands we really aren't even talking about Democrat versus Republican anymore. We're literally fighting to keep America and Joe Biden and his whole crew of leftist socialist that are now controlling the Democrat Party and of course, controlling Joe Biden ever for one second got control of the White House, It would be again an unrecognizable America. It is terrifying to consider this, but it does. You understand why the Democrats are so desperate to try and pull the wool over everybody's eyes with this universal mail-in voting why they don't want Joe Biden to debate Donald Trump because they know the American people don't wanna buy what Joe Biden is selling so they're just trying to kinda sneak in through the back door and nobody sees anything and all of a sudden Joe Biden and his President. I don't think so ladies and gentlemen, that's not how we're doing things these days. everybody wake up get registered to vote, Get out and vote. Donald Trump because we cannot under any circumstances, let them steal this election and give this country over to Joe Biden AOC Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar the Socialist squad America would be over. Yeah, you know what this is is trying to reimagine in America, you know the mainstream media continues to prop up Joe Biden in this attempt to run interference on his behalf. I mean we even saw Chris Wallace falsely claiming that Joe Biden hadn't embraced this radical ideas so Mercy Biden has gone as far as to join. With none other than Bernie Sanders in an effort to really capitulate to the radicals, so why don't you give us a brief rundown of what this radical 110 page Communist Marxist manifesto You know, otherwise known as the Biden Sanders Unity plan. What is that great question? Well? Let me tell you for all of you out there as my children have to do some reading, which they don't really like, but they have to do it your summer reading everyone is to read the socialist manifesto. It is a very important. read folks. Yeah it. It's everything that President Trump has done they're trying to undo and add additional taxes for it. You're talking close to four trillion dollars worth of taxes support the Green New deal, which would cost American jobs abolish Ice redirect funding for the police, which, in other words is to fund the police and what's so. Gross about how some of these media outlets have handled. it is that they almost like speak like they're the DN. People they're like, Oh, don't Biden did is not gonna defend the police. Joe Biden does not agree with Medicare for all. It's like read the socialist manifesto where it's very clear that the Democrats wanna move to a single-payer system that would be destructive to our health care system and would be destructive for people who wanna make their own health care choices. So I think it's important to become very familiarized where the socialist wanna take our country. It is very clear that as Bernie Sanders has said as even Joe Biden has said he wants to be the most. President in the United States for me that I come from you know my family comes from Cuba Progressive equates socialism and that you've seen the socialist and Communist leaders use the word, but which is Progressive day in and day out in their speeches and to it is I think very dangerous for that to happen in creep in our society yet he's not trying to hide at the mercy, He put out a unity plan with a known socialist. so that tells you exactly that's why we're Joe Biden is stands for you're right and self. Claimed socialist correct so you know that's a huge deal. Big difference. This is not something they're doing in secret. They're not hiding, they're actually telling America that they want to fundamentally transform and reimagine our way of life. So you know it's it's funny to me and I actually I mean funny as an I laughed when you know Joe Biden kicked off his made in America tour. Oh I like the Malarkey. It's not a boss or a train, but I do you gotta tell me like did he go on. you know what did he do He had the record player? To train I love that's what it was, but I mean this is this is so offensive. This is the guy who actually championed the Trans-Pacific partnership as the gold standard of trade, not to mention Nafta right and all of the sudden he has this made in America literally plagiarizing his way through the presidential campaign. So Kimberly let's zero in on how Joe Biden. Of embracing these globalist trade deals cuts directly against his new campaign message cuz it's the same guy who not long ago again bragged about all of these partnerships and deals and trade authorities that decimated the Middle class and outsourced our jobs. Is he good. It's unbelievable. I mean Joe Biden does not have a campaign message at all. Okay and he's not driven by some philosophy or policy belief whatsoever. Maybe one time he was, you know like sort of a mainstream liberal those days are long gone now. Joe Biden is just some vessel okay empty with a teleprompter barely functioning and honestly, it would be sad if the threat to this country was not so serious. They can't be real thinking this guy could be President. He can't find his way out of his own House. Okay his campaign advisers and the people hoping to get rich by pulling his strings are. Going to put whatever they need to do in order to carry them across the finish line on Election day and into the Oval Office, and that's why they're pandering to the socialist and the Communist Joe Biden does not have any intention of delivering on anything he is saying or taking care of her looking after this country because he does not know what he's doing. Okay. He's like 44 years of total abject failure and the reality is if Joe Biden wins you can bet that the people pulling the strings. All pointed out, AOC the squad, Elizabeth Warren and the left-wing rioters tearing apart and burning down our cities and people's businesses across this country They will advance these extremist policies in order to as they put it Reimagined America. We don't want to be reimagined. Okay. We know what we stand for and it's not what these people are They hate America. We love America. We have a President that loves America and they're hoping to use Joe Biden as a tool to advance their radical agenda and terror this country. And we are not gonna let it happen cuz we're gonna reelect Donald Trump on November third and shut them down. Can't wait to go back. Whoa like hot Latina. That's awesome The Puerto Rico came out. This is great. I love it. We need that need that yeah, you should see when junior gets out of line around here. Hess Oh. that's what happened now. It's a hundred percent. What more. Oh Kimberly's got it under control. So that's you know what while they're. Imagining America and reimagining our way of life we reimagined media, and that's why we're here with you all tonight. so stay right there. We're gonna take one more commercial break and we'll be right. Seattle's pledge to defund It's police Department by 50 percent even including a proposal to remove 911 dispatchers from police control Joe Biden said he's absolutely on board with the funding the police. it was a close. yes the absolute hello you've reached 911. I'm sorry that there is no one here to answer your emergency call, but leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, I will rise significantly. Welcome back to the right view. I'm Mercedes Schlapp senior adviser for Strategic Communications I want to get everyone's final thoughts but first we need as many Patriots as possible to get involved in our country and help re-elect President Trump this November. you know early voting is starting as Kimberly mentioned. We've got to stay on it. We gotta get out there and vote so make sure look at the dates in your state and get out there also if you wanna stay connected. download the new groundbreaking Trump 2020 app now available on Apple and Android. Sign up to volunteer. For events and win exclusive prizes, I know I wanna win one to stay in contact with us please text Trump to eight zero two if you or your friends, family or neighbors not want to get involved, but we need you to get involved to re-elect President Donald J Trump please visit Army for Trump dot com to sign up so ladies we finally reached to the end of the show. so let's get your final thoughts. Laura I'll start with you well, I had a really. Opportunity this week earlier this week to interview our incredible Vice President Mike Pence. I got to go visit the vice President's home. It was beautiful and I was just a gracious host He was to have us there and to allow us in and sit down with me and really just so insightful from him about exactly the things we've been talking about the future of this country at stake why he and President Trump are such a great team to keep America great and they will do that but. Of course, he was the highlight for me, but the second highlight for me was meeting his dog Harley. Oh, there's all kinds of dog. Oh, I know he was probably a little like upset whenever he he was like. Do you want me to get out and I was like absolutely And then when Harley came out, I was like overjoyed, I maybe should have done it in reverse so he you know either way it was amazing. So thank you. Thank you to you. What type of what type of dog is it Australian Shepherd? Oh beautiful. and you know I'm a crazy dog lady. I spotted them a mile away right now You Are you are. Starting the dogs For Trump Coalition is that the plan I had the dog isn't that started already I've got the Democrats are cool with animals voting. I mean I'm waiting for their ballots to come in as well, so send them on it's ridiculous but yeah, hopefully it's not Romney dog that he decided to you know tie up his car, but that's a different story. Anyways Kimberly Final thoughts. Yeah. I'm Super excited. As I mentioned we have an exciting weekend and coming up for the campaign and Trump Victory Finance Committee. I'm doing round the clock calls. Me I'm like I can't even I cannot stop raising money we're working hard. We're raising a whole lot of money to the President's reelection, but I do not want to go back to what mercy was touched on earlier, I do wanna do that because the fact that out of 25 candidates Democrats have nominated someone who is incapable and afraid to debate his opponent shows us exactly how intellectually bankrupt the Democrat Party is they don't have the. They don't have the ideas for making America great again and restarting this economy They do not have anyone that can stand toe to toe with President Trump and they know that Joe Biden can I walk himself to a crowd let alone defend his disastrous record 40 years of abomination and a debate. I am desperate to get these debates out there because the American people deserve to hear from the two people that are trying to be President of the United States and the Democrat Party is the. Of failure of despair and of victimhood and if you don't believe me just look at their nominee, wow, that is why this election is so important and it's not just about November third, it is about today and every day we wake up and do everything we absolutely can to ensure this President is reelected do today what you would do on November fourth if you could change the outcome of the election, that's what I tell people every single day and IT. Them into giving money and getting a proper President. Can I hear an Amen? I mean seriously you're so right and I think we gotta take Kimberly's passion out out there and you are seriously. There's no time to sleep. There's no time to rest. The clock is ticking and we gotta get this moving Katrina. I don't know how you're gonna be Kimberly on this one. This is tough. No. I'm not even gonna try. to do is I will piggyback off of there. You go there. You go that out of all of the choices all of the candidates. That guy the guy that Cannot string two sentences together I do an interview without a note card and still get it wrong. You know this. This is the guy the Democrats chose now he gets to choose his running mate. so look it doesn't matter to me who he picks. it doesn't matter no one can beat Donald J Trump period, but what I will say is there is a video that has circling around the Internet right now, but one of his potential picks Pocahontas her. Elizabeth Warren. If we have the video we have to show it but look guys. This is a woman who ran for President who ended up you know selling herself out to Hillary now sold herself out to Joe Biden and she's doing this podcast interview him and he gets stuck on words again and he's trying to get it out and she's on camera rolling her eyes. so I just wanna say thank you. Elizabeth Warren for sharing all of America's sentiments about your candidate Joe Biden maybe she can stand behind him and sniff his hair and be like let me help you Joe. This is how you would like it and I know it's so bizarre just so weird but I I I gotta tell you I love spending the hour with all four of you. It's it's always such a blessing, but so I I just wanna say to all of you watching. Thank you so much for supporting this President and all the work that we're doing Keep working hard. We gotta get this President reelected and remember God bless you all out there. God bless this great President. keep praying for all of us as we keep praying for this country and God. Take care have a good night.

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