Coffee-Glazed Flan☕

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Silky smooth flan with an irresistible coffee flavor throughout!😋

Posted 9 months ago in Food & Drink

Taste Life 9 months ago

Get the recipe:

Penny Dolph 9 months ago

It looks sooo good! I’m definitely trying this!

Sherry Matonis 9 months ago

Lots of work but looks delicious!❤️

Cheryl Clark 9 months ago

Good grief. So much work,sooooooo much washing up. I’m sure that it’s delicious but I’m getting a headache just seeing all of the steps to go through to achieve this lovely desert

Marb Nadal 9 months ago

I have a version of this flan that excludes the egg whites. I also add essence of lime rind.

Nanette Babyak 9 months ago

Beautiful, Chef! It’s one of my favorite treats!

Stephanie Anderson 8 months ago

Very rich taste indeed. Good but to sweet

Rumandawi Lydia 9 months ago

Look delicious, indeed delicious but full of sugar 😅

Michelle Shepherd 9 months ago

An entire vanilla bean for a single serving? That's a ridiculously
expensive dessert.

Penny Dolph 9 months ago

I haven’t had flan either. Is it good y’all??