Reasons Why Latino Parents Are Superior ft Amara La Negra

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Reasons Why Latino Parents Are Superior ft Amara La Negra

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Posted 5 months ago in TV & Movies

Darlene Spicer 5 months ago

Are you guys actually going to ignore all the post of people that don't want this junk on their wall? I've about had it with this mess and see a whole lot more are feeling the same way.

Richard Karen Slocum 5 months ago

FACEBOOK: Please put back the option to "hide." Have seen this too many, multiple times. Not interested in movies.

Mike Strandberg 5 months ago

hover over the page. on the right side of the pop-up window is the ellipses (three dots). select it and you will see an option to block page. but beware...every time i've done it, facebook seems to develop a problem and i can't see my own timeline. i have to wait a few hours for me to see it again.

Jean Eaton 5 months ago

I do not appreciate unsolicited items (junk!), and especially do not appreciate that someone else places them on my page without giving me the ability to remove them!

Mike Fichman 5 months ago

for the last few weeks facebook has been sending unwanted stories and you cannot delete this shit. NOT INTERESTED, so stop sending unsolicited material.

Lance Scarinci 5 months ago

Everyone listen! Go up to the top right corner of your screen, select the Account dropdown, and select "Give Feedback". This allows you to send a message directly to Facebook, to tell them exactly what you think of unblockable ads. Flood them. Do it every day until this shit stops.

Deb Aldrich 5 months ago

What is all this stuff? Looks like the wokie-wokie crowd has taken over. Need to delete this. Facebook is getting truly irritating.

Geraldine Quandt 5 months ago

I don't understand where these kinds of things came from and why we can't delete them! Can anyone answer that??

Eleanor Logan 5 months ago

I am so disgusted with these damnable ads that can't be deleted. I wasn't aware FB was so POOR. Mark Wahlberg should be held accountable fir this CRAP!!!!

Jeanette Shore 5 months ago

Squat, siphon money through special interest, have funds for family, pat self on back for being good parent. Sounds like the assholes at the helm, the same ol, same ol pathological liars. We're your benefactors; not bad parents if you ask me. Don't like it, leaving would help immensely.