myTV SUPER - [#陶大宇 同你用iMessage貼圖] TVB神回應sticker已經喺App...

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[#陶大宇 同你用iMessage貼圖] TVB神回應sticker已經喺App Store上架,而家有請陶大宇,睇佢點樣用佢嘅經典表情同朋友chit-chat啦。


Posted 5 years ago in TV & Movies
Phoe Do
Phoe Do5 years ago

Nhan Lệ Ân

Carrie Yu
Carrie Yu5 years ago

Elsa Tang Curling Wan so cute

Ann Chow
Ann Chow5 years ago


Sandy AuYeung
Sandy AuYeung5 years ago

请求😃有冇人教我点down ?

Iris Lui
Iris Lui5 years ago

omfg Allan Yau 我唔想睇到 😂

Kim Leong Lim
Kim Leong Lim5 years ago


Gabrielle Chan
Gabrielle Chan5 years ago


Eugenie Yuan
Eugenie Yuan5 years ago

Diana Chung Ze Chen Candace Ho Lydia Nam think i need an iphone now haha <3 TVB

Yan Li
Yan Li5 years ago

HK Apple only?