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Suicide or homicide?

More about the investigation of the death of Vashti Seacat, Friday on Dateline at 9/8c...
911 Do you have an emergency? As the first arriving officer got there, he indicated that his wife was inside. I believe somehow it wasn't true. you just want a miracle to happen. He said. He had driven her to commit suicide but to set the house on fire with their own little boys inside. We're trying to assign rational thinking to someone that I believe was getting ready to take their own life. I remembered grabbing somebody that was working the scene and he said, I will tell you this justice will be served. He'd informed us that she would put on one face for her family and the public and then she would be a different person at home. I'd never heard anything about her being suicidal and in hindsight, I'm sure he wishes he would have shared those things. I said. I don't care what you're being told I don't care what you think you're saying you're dealing with a murder. She was not depressed. She was anything but. Well, did you hurt her? No? Did you pull the trigger? No did you kill her? No. There's something about the investigation that stinks your head's spinning it because. Do you realize this is it it was scary?

Posted 1 month ago in Crime & Tragedy