George Baldock | West Ham Reaction

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"All I can say is we will still be working as hard as we can to put it right. Keep the faith, you've got 25 lads in there that are willing to die for the...

Posted 11 months ago in Sports

Nick Wilde 11 months ago

Keep it going George Baldock. Still plenty to play for and you are part of this incredible journey. We have faith in you and the boys.

Stephen Wheatley 11 months ago

Based on what I see here I imagine if we were in the ground most of you would be chanting wilder out and booing the players. Never forget where we have come from and never write these boys off. This is a bad spell the first real one in 4 years learn to ride it and support the boys not stick the knife in

Richard Platts 11 months ago

Pretty good from box to box. Who's he kidding. It's negative backward and sideways garbage. I haven't seen a side as bad as us from box to box all season.

Phil Barnes 11 months ago

Please stop playing McBurnie. He’s got no pace, never runs at defenders, never shoots, looks off balance but hey, he can win an airiel battle.....but rarely directs one towards goal ! Useless !!!

Christopher Wintle 11 months ago

We had very few injuries very few suspensions and EVERYTHING went for us last season including that bit of luck when you need it. However this season is just the opposite- take a major player out of any team and they will struggle.
Huge lack of confidence at the moment but get that first win and the injured players back and the confidence will come soaring back.
To all thoose doom mongers please keep your comments to yourself - it doesnt help the team one bit!!!

Joyce Evans 11 months ago

If we had been in the ground it would have been a different result !!! ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Linda Griffiths 11 months ago

Need a more decisive captain on the pitch to encourage them. Too many passing back and then losing the ball
Come on lads, let’s see that fighting spirit to keep the ball and distribute well. So

Les Baker 11 months ago

You are having a laugh you said we are a dangerous team, the only danger we have is going down into the first division.😪😪

Neil Robertson 11 months ago

Stay positive, we can all see the effort from the team. Confidence is low , but we can do this. COYRAWW

Paul Couldwell 11 months ago

No point just saying we created more chances when we ain’t got anybody to put them away. It becomes academic.