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Progressives for Biden Movement Gathering with Elizabeth Warren and Ro Khanna

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Manny Wexler 1 year ago

Think about this,back in the Obama administration there was a proposed plan to make the suburbs much more diverse and require these single family areas to build more apartments and allow a more diverse population into the area. The first test area was in New York State and it was already a diverse area, but apparently not diverse enough. The Biden people,he was part of that administration, is not saying a word about this plan, but it is on his agenda. The test area, under threat from the federal government which said it would withhold federal funds for roads and schools then complied with these demands. Taxes went up and schools deteriorated. We happened to live in a very diverse area and are intend to stay here.

Aaron Wieduwilt 1 year ago

Bull on steroids. This group's opinion is anti American and if you buy it then be prepared for your live to radically change to the dark side.

Cathy Wich 1 year ago

TRUMP 2020

Don Murnane 1 year ago

Thank you , we need all the votes we can muster !

Dottie Newlon 1 year ago

They are the biggest liars of all!!

Marilyn Ann 1 year ago

trump 2020

Mick Schnortz 1 year ago

I see all the Trump Trolls are out and “liking” each other’s posts. Wonder what they’ll do when “The Con Man Don goes down in November? Maybe they’ll “Crowd Fund” his Legal Defense for the coming Lawsuits.

Dennis Burke 1 year ago

Trump 2020, another Trump 2024!

Linda Pease 1 year ago

Go Biden/Harris!

Barbara Jaworowski 1 year ago

No way. Ridin with Biden.