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"You're telling me THIS is art?"

Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies

Matthew Groves Hambidge 12 months ago

“I’ve been dealing in art for many years”

Doesn’t know who Banksy is 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Nick Newberry 1 year ago

Banksy ????? The Greatest contemporary Artist in the World - when you first look at one of his pieces your first thought is "what's so special about THAT " Then your brain realises what you THOUGHT your saw isnt what is actually before you - the guy is a creative genius - he often gives his work freely to help others creating true miracles in the modern world beset with greed 🤔

George Steht 1 year ago

Even though many shows were stage weren't they all but it was still a great show because I like to see old Items. We went to Vegas on a vacation in 2015. Visited this shop, appears just as it is in TV, even bought some coins while there. Visited there twice prior to this date, once in 67 with my parents and then in 71 on my way to Vietnam, had a lay over because Los Angeles airport was either Fogged or "Smogged" in. But Vegas back then, the Strip was what you called Fabulous, not trashy today. You could stand outside and hear (Barley, but hear) the voices of my favorite Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, & the other greats. No one was laying on the streets sleeping. Didn't like Vegas this time. In the shop, exactly what you see is what's there.

Skye Boosinger 7 months ago

Banksy is just a barely talented Jeff Koons that also breaks the law. His artwork has become the equivalent of a dumb ‘Believe’ sign. You’ll find way more talent in an elementary school art class.

Cory Henley 11 months ago

Okay so now it's a Banksy buck that was also featured on pawn Stars the thing is goina be worth even more

Erick Valenzuela 6 months ago

I was told pawnshop give 25%. I don’t believe they are going to give almost 500$ to maybe make 600$

Mesa Courtney 5 months ago

Banksy actually recently did a face reveal video as well

Neil Vincent 10 months ago

Her face should be on that bill lovely lady

Joe Ruedas 10 months ago

That old man needs to sit down and shut up himself man he makes me sick he doesn't even know how to run a business talking to his employees the way he talks to them even though he owns the business doesn't give him the right to be telling people to shut up the women needs to shut up his him

Travis Woodbridge 10 months ago

I surely thought the " Patriarch " would do current events to know something like that is Art. God bless ya, ALWAYS.