President Trump Supreme Court Nominee Announcement

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President Trump Supreme Court Nominee Announcement

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Tim Brown 1 year ago

Am I mistaken or has she ruled in the past in support of mandatory vaccinations. Saw a comment about that yesterday. I would hope that to not be the case.

Heather Street 1 year ago

Not thrilled with this nomination considering she is pro-lockdown and pro-mandatory vaccination.

Mike Repoli 1 year ago

I am also a Republican and RBG did accomplish a lot. Great role model .

Keleti Keleti 1 year ago

Fantastic, move on with the people's business.. kudos Mr President..

Mike Repoli 1 year ago

Good choice. Let's keep politics out of the nomination.

Reuben Dalbec 1 year ago

We the American people are very proud of who our president has picked

Wanda Lee 1 year ago

She鈥檚 already been vetted , just confirm her.

Michael Johnson 1 year ago

A move that no doubt will infuriate the left. For some reason they seem to think that the Constitution, where it gives the President the power to nominate a person to the Supreme Court when a vacancy occurs, gives them the authority to establish or approve of the timing of such. No where does the Constitution provide restrictions or guidelines for the timing of a new nomination and subsequent confirmation by the Senate. To even make the effort is unsupported by our laws, regardless what tradition may have been followed or spoken of in the past.

Diana L Abbondolo 1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi must be foaming at the mouth right now and having a seizure!

Gregory Wolsky 1 year ago

Brilliant. Progressive conservative. Hatian adopted children. The Dems heads must be exploding 馃榾馃榾