Tuju slammed after banning DP Ruto from Jubilee headquarters

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"Tuju should concentrate on writing party minutes and serving us tea and 'mandazi' when we are having a meeting in Jubilee headquarters." ~ Tuju slammed...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Nicholas Kyoyo 1 year ago

Political parties in reality are personal properties and we know the owner of jubilee party. Katambe

Hiram Njau 1 year ago

You are the leaders. Give hope to Kenyans. When you take govt and get control to rule the whole country after 2022, you need to speak more hope and healing

Ngunjiri Patrick 1 year ago

Arrogance and pettiness of these fools will not take the chief priest of corruption anywhere. Tuju was instructed by Uhuru, the party chair what to say....these goofs know that but they dont want to come to terms with the reality their demigod is of no use! He can revive his URP and take his divisive doomed campaigns there.

Josiah Kaudo 1 year ago

You are the guys misleading Ruto making him thinks tht he is equal to the president, plz stop this day dreaming, Monday dare try to be around pangani, leave alone Jubilee hq, you will see moto

Jason Ikanda 1 year ago

Nonsense and useless person who wants to divide our united country through president Uhuru and RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA.keep distance from jubilee party form your own party Tobe proud and happy with it

Githua Wa Mutuuri 1 year ago

It will be very interesting to see the guy who allegedly serves tea and mandazis during meetings at Jubilee House ensuring that the DP and his allies never sets foot in Jubilee house.

Fanuel-Rodgers Owino 1 year ago

Wait for the teargas at Jubilee headquarters on Monday and then I will declare all you Tangatanga adherents officially baptised as Kenya's opposition

Gladys Kerubo 1 year ago

If those are mare threats then I hope to see Ruto and co. hold another meeting there. I don't think Tuju can make that decision alone. Ask the owner.

Isaac Duncan 1 year ago

If u think those were mere threats then try and place your foot in the gates of jubilee headquarters then u will know they were not threats but serious business

Trizah Atieno 1 year ago

Why are people attacking Tuju? He didn't decide to take that action by himself. Confront the real force behind the move.