Coors Banquet Celebration of the Weekend: Cheyenne, WY

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THIS is how you celebrate your first PBR Major. Conner Halverson secures a big ride aboard Homegrown in Cheyenne, WY! Celebrate Responsibly with Coors...

Posted 3 months ago in Sports

Ang Madsen-Gilchrist 3 months ago

Nice ride, C! Best of luck tonight. We'll be cheering you on again⭐👍

Laraine Smith 3 months ago

PBR so pleased you're back.

Angie Heaton 3 months ago

Way to go Conner!

ColtDad Hawk 3 months ago

Text book over the head, into the hand... Nice ride. What bull was that. Resembles Andrew's Achy Breaky. I got on him in the late 90's. Didn't turn out nothing like this 😂😂😂... Good ride cowboy..

Kristen Triplett 3 months ago

Good job kid!

Nure Schuldiner 3 months ago

Antonio Muñoz 3 months ago

Vamos arriba

زين الدين عياد 3 months ago