Covid-19: ‘I’ve worked 258 days straight’

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"It is sad. It is scary."

Meet the doctor who has worked 258 days in a row during the Covid pandemic.

(via BBC World Service)

Posted 12 months ago in Social Issues

Loveday Morris 12 months ago

I pray in my humble state, that God will strengthen all medical personel like Dr. Varon, to live so they can continue to help those caught in this vicious cycle of this Covid Dilema. May God give much blessings to these front line people and their families. And may we continue to follow rules of health protocol to slow this Covid down. And may the vaccine stop this Covid in its track!

Jane Sutherland 11 months ago

So many heroes out there. I dont think people get it.
Fine to say Look after yourself, but eho will do your job, they are all in the same boat.
What they need is people to behave sensibly, and a government that cares!

Barbara Schaffner 12 months ago

He needs to take care of himself. I learned that through my 37 years in nursing. Take a break go home, don’t come back till you are recharged. I had a great supervisor as a fairly new nurse , one day she came and took one look at me and said, it’s ok to call in a sick and sickness will always be with us, but mental health is just as important ..I called out sick for two days and I was a much better nurse for it..

Jo Smith Or Hebborn 12 months ago

Thank you to all the amazing NHS staff who are working so very hard during this pandemic. You are appreciated x

Eileen Fox 12 months ago

Thank you isn't enough. But I don't have the words to Express my gratitude and respect for you and your colleagues. The world still doesn't seem to understand that yet again in our history so very much is owed by so many to so few 😔

Trina Patel 12 months ago

An incredibly selfless man putting his own life at risk from morning to night every single day. I pray that he was able to continue is commitment to his patients and still remains safe during the pandemic. For all of the people who intentionally don’t wear a mask and gather for parties.... I hope those people develop some level of compassion for others like how this doctor along with all of the frontline workers of the world are facing extreme fatigue from COVID . For the love of God stop making the problem worse when we KNOW how to try to make it better. Bless you all.

Phil Batty 12 months ago

We are hugely indebted to all medical professionals and support staff for caring for all our loved ones in a time of great need. Their personal risk is immense and the pressure on them is unrelenting. Thank you! Thank you for your hard work, tenacity and endurance. Where would any of us be without you all? You have my total respect and admiration ❤

Katrin Lundstedt-Enkel 12 months ago

What an amazing man you are Dr. Varon! I hope you feel all the good wishes from all of us that know what this Covid-19 can cause.
Myself have had long-Covid for 10 months. Fever almost every day, cough, shortness of breath, aches, pain, rash, dhiarrea, and everything without end.
Take care dear sir!

Lori Gunderson Alkire 12 months ago

Thank you so much Doctor for your compassion. If everyone would listen and care about one another maybe you could get the well needed rest.
Thank you to all Medical personal for your service. I appreciate you! ❤

Beretta Xtrema 12 months ago

Omg, so heartbreaking.. I am crying.. wish to all staff who are on a front line of covid pandemic stay safe and healthy. Wish all patients get recovery asap ❤