Steven Kampyongo Condemns Bonny Kapeso's Decision

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HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says it was wrong for Deputy Inspector General of Police Bonny Kapeso to have transferred the Traffic Police...

Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy

Josi Brown 1 year ago

You are right mr kampyongo ,,,,, i think mr kapeso his action was unprofetional he could have investigate the matter becouse we also dont know were it started, i have watched the video several times but i cant find the evidence that ,the police officer said that,,,its not fair we need justice.

Mukupa Mwelwa 1 year ago

Hope u are not just trying to come out clean over the issue.Am sure history will tell us that there have bn transfers of civil servants & retirement of public officers who are perceived to be on the other side.

Collins Yumba 1 year ago

I thought it was an offence to record a video or take a picture without permission from the one being recorded!

Peter N Kabwe 1 year ago

No the police did that to protect the innocent police officer from harrasment from bowman lusambo

Carson Mwape James 1 year ago

Kapeso should be demoted and transferred to shangombo with the immediate effect. Cadre police officer. he is a let down.....

Starz 1 year ago

Abena kampyongo bowman same whatsapp group. we know you boot lickers. even if you dont support the action taken by kapeso this incident still stands as a threat to other officers in uniform also. IF THAT IS THE CASE, HAS THE OFFICER'S TRANSFER BEEN REVERSED??

Lord Have Mercy 1 year ago

Its clear there is beef between the two Hon. The rest are just caught up in the fight.

Kabeke Chitambala 1 year ago

It's Bonny Kapeso who must be dropped. He is trying to cover up for his statements against the PF and the beating up of PF cadres outside the courts of Law. What wrong did this Police Officers do for him to be transferred to Western Province. It's Bonny Kapeso who must go, because he is outdated. Thank you very much Honourable Minister for thinking outside the box and I Salute you.

Patrick Mwachilenga 1 year ago

Respect to honourable kampyongo my thumbs up for your matured leadership and adherence to professional etiquette

Gift Chipoya 1 year ago

That's true, procedure was not followed.the minister is right .let the decision be revised,til the findings are completed.