How movies are filmed to look smooth using a steadicam

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Ever wondered how movie scene shots look as if the camera were gliding?

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The shot starts wide on the ticket booth as our actress walks into the shot. I use her motion to move the camera forward and hinge around her to the right to both show her face and reveal the second character, then follow her as she walks keeping both actors and frame she looks back. I wanted to show that they missed the opportunity for eye contact as he looks. I hinge around him and to the left around that pole doing a body fan 180° to prepare to lead him backwards. I take a glance to make sure the post to my left is where I think it should be. this part is a little bit slow, but I think the actor did a great job filling the space. Then once I get to the point I memorized I speed up a bit and wrap around to the right to let them pass and reveal another missed opportunity for them to meet. I put the camera down to her eye level and use her motion to move the camera with her and profile notice. How I'm still walking forward and not side stepping here as she makes the turn I push in with her, but I slow down to let her get a little further. for me. I wanted to show the whole suitcase and for them to be a similar size and frame when they do talk to each other. The shot starts falling. Over the shoulder and a medium shot, I need to make sure to leave enough space for the other actor on the frame and not lose him up. The steps switch the point of interest to the other actor and then rotate around him down the stairs. I want to get his face while I'm leaving him. I need to push the back to the right of the frame to allow the other to be seen. I look for the term with my peripheral vision, take the term, but I don't wanna lose the background actor until the actor takes his turn. I know he's about to run left, so I'm ready to move the rig as soon as he gives any hint. He's moving. I don't switch the point of interest to the other actor and leave him forward. I had to keep the camera to the right to the background after time to set up and get behind me and as he passes then wrapped his side view to reveal the actor running the shot starts running in Don Juan I let the first guy pass me and concentrate on our hero. A grip taps me on the ribs to let me know I'm at my first mark and I pan with our hero to the over the shoulder shot. I pause to let him show off some impressive skills and then wrap around to get the medium close-up. As I had a switch. I need to specifically frame it so you could see the guy approaching from behind the grunt was the actress. His fist as he grabs it, I pull wide quickly to catch the flip. After two swipes of the nunchucks I moved in to get a close look of catch, then switch point of interest to the actor's reaction. After some more impressive moves, the character dies probably something unrelated. I wrap around to show what's behind him and I to make sure that both characters can be seen. After his line, I center him up again and boom down the camera and make him seem more powerful. Then hold the lock off and let them walk up screen. That was awesome.

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