Did he swing or not? 👀

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Did he swing or not? 👀

Posted 5 months ago in Sports

Robert William Buchenroth 5 months ago

Yes he went through the zone while the pitch was is motion

Jay Faralan Ermube 5 months ago

Check with 3rd base umpire and ask “Did he go?” 😆

Henry David Twaddell 5 months ago

The question is "Did he offer at the pitch?" The answer is"no" in my judgement. Ball

Karl Rose 5 months ago

Yes. Ump didn't call time. Not a dead ball. It's a swing.

Judy Kwasniewski 5 months ago

He didn't swing the bat, he just dropped it down

DA Bears Fan 5 months ago

That is a swing and a strike.

Jeff Hartley 5 months ago

No he was like man here he come with that bull**** again

Steve Nicosia 5 months ago

Technically yes he swung. The pitcher started his motion doesn’t matter when he releases the ball.

Carleton Haugen 5 months ago

Irrelevant to me haven't watched a baseball games since they canceled the world series you have a group of overpaid pansy ass whims

Dustin Hawks 5 months ago

In high school and MLB, it is at the umpire's discretion whether or not the batter offered at the pitch.

I'm assuming it's no different in Japan and that's why it wasn't called a swinging strike.