How To Make Big Mac Quesadillas

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Big Mac Quesadillas are the best of McDonald's AND Taco Bell.

Full recipe:

Posted 1 year ago in Food & Drink

Nessy Allen 1 year ago

This needs pickles(inside, I wanna taste them pickles), lettuce and sesame seeds. But looks good.

Ashley McWilliams 1 year ago

I’m all for cheesy quesadillas, but good lort

Dorothann Bancroft Franklin 1 year ago

Looks yummy..Danielle Franklin we got this!!

Ricardo Hachibi 1 year ago

Put some more cheese, don't be shy

Genevieve Bauer 1 year ago

Lynn Mal Nikki Black I know this isn’t as healthy as the Big Mac salad but it looks pretty amazing lol