Try Not To Laugh Throwback 2

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We're throwing it back to the early days of Try Not To Laugh!

Posted 10 months ago

Nur Shahirah 10 months ago

wow I miss Damien old self!

Maleia Lanier 3 months ago

I love Damien he鈥檚 awesome it鈥檚 so cool how he can just make up all those weird voices

Miguel Maniquiz 10 months ago

WOW looking back on these old try not to laugh man they look like 90s school students. awesome.

Daniel David 8 months ago

I love the laugh that increases in pitch like a fox at 0:58 馃槀 if I heard that irl i would just spit my water out

Rachel Nosko 10 months ago

I laughed at the ridiculousness of the last one, "omg she's actually leaving set"

Cory Hegelein 10 months ago

Good job on the weight lose. Hope your happy

Mystique Johns 10 months ago

Omg love it lol you guys are so funny you guys should make for try not to laugh videos

Randi Proulx 10 months ago

Shayne and Damien are life goals!

Brandon Toms 10 months ago

Who were these infants that look vaguely like the Smosh gang??? 馃槻 Baby faces!

Chelsea Monday 10 months ago

Has Damien lost weight??? I mean it's not bad I'd he has I just think something about him looks a tad different