Scammers Try To Tell Police Captain She’s Wanted For Drug Trafficking | Facebook

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These scammers chose the wrong person to call 😂
seven yes so strong lack of social security expectations i have your file in front of being now just to make sure and i am given out all the confidence with details to the right person can be very family your home as well no i will not ansari now i am going to give my dresses you have muscle on we should all my dresses you need to understand one thing over here that i am trying to cooperate with the only the coral island and even you need to cooperate with me because i have you filed in front of me and there are several allegations under your name and there is another two point o name you are well about it okay what the allegations against my name is proceeding for them i would like to modify you the clients are been recorded and monitored by four major patel agencies department of president justice thank you know seven service legal enforcement agencies and department of narcotics one last thing they not interrupt me was speaking i will be afraid i am speak once under that you okay okay so she's can come and arrest me absolutely salary for the investigation report and your social security number the seven allegations found and your name social administration and law enforcement agencies as pound twenty-five third line bank account open and used talented using your social security number to coming of god more than ten million dollars this account were used so and the safe funds for the legal local and international tank wire transfer include like money laundering black trafficking and for internal revenue service tax camps all over you as so i am gonna be it should i am gonna be charged with drug trafficking नोट दिखाओ come on we are using a social security number they do share your social security number with anyone as i said i can share with the drum dealer hour now what i am going to i am going to provide all this information something of that a plan to run from the situations we are trying to complete over this according call so we want to my office so this time you are showing and in the next word is because arrested forty-five minus forty-five minus share step is minister open arrest people this was not human to get me i am pretty sure that have been for this indian education of an ias officer asian brand how you doing today and i thank you very much they are trying to help you out over here क्या है Giving you I would like to know what the allegations are against me and what you're gonna take out a warrant for Right now that I took the charges against you Number one drug trafficking and number two money long term Okay Well that's better than the 20 - five. The first guy told me we're out And they hung up on me Don't ever give out your information Don't ever verify information even if they haven't that information can be found on the Web about anywhere So don't ever verify it Don't give them personal information They're all scammers just hang up on them or have a little fun

Posted 9 months ago in Crime & Tragedy.