Batman: Arkham City - Mr Freeze Boss Fight

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The Mr.Freeze boss fight in Batman: Arkham city is one of the most iconic in video game history! 🦇 🥶

Posted 3 months ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Justin Rowe 3 months ago

definitely one of the greatest games ever made

William McCreath 3 months ago

Video game history?! OK… sure, go with that.

Heath Hanna 3 months ago

Boss fights were awesome in Ark City, that was the main problem with Ark Knight... boss fights were underwhelming and most had to have the Batmobile involved, they could've mixed in some good fights without the car to mix it up

Joseph Cool 3 months ago

Cant believe the game is 10 years old.

Still feels so new and high tech.

Kev Flores 3 months ago

Every boss fight was great really enjoyed this game

Damian Orzechowski 3 months ago

The best moment was like playing at the most hardest level, finding weaknesses in Mr. Freese bordered almost with a miracle because once you used it prevented you from several other weak points at once, which made it difficult to conflict with him, it was just perfect.

Yannick Faucher 3 months ago

That game is just so amazing.

Ro Man 3 months ago

Still looks good for a 10 year old game.

Patrick Stackman 3 months ago

It just didn’t make sense though. Mr freeze goes crazy for no reason really