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PUBG - Patch Report - PC Update #26

Welcome to Patch #26! You'll see great new additions to the game, such as 2 brand new Vikendi-exclusive vehicles and...
Welcome to patch 26 in this update we have a couple of great new additions including two brandnew candy exclusive vehicles and the return of a fan favorite tool that will now be part of every normal game first stop we've added a results tab to give you an overview of everything you've unlocked during survivor passed for Kenya here you can see how many missions you completed the most recent rewards you unlock and your overall final level knew to the fields of the candy is the snow button which replaces the motorcycle on this map this vehicle functions much like the snowmobile but has a much faster acceleration and top speed at the cost of lower overall durability you can tear across the snowy landscape faster than ever before because Not to get caught crossing another new candy exclusive vehicle is the zuma which will replace the USA the xena is considered the most versatile vehicle in the country good for taking on both rocky and snowy slopes while taking a ton of punishment I durability this four person vehicle may not boast the same top speed is the snow bike or snowmen but it will give your team a much safer escape from intense enemy fire for the highly requested flare gun is back we've been pouring over your feedback to achieve the best possible experience and we're proud to announce that the flare gun will now spot on live servers across all naps we've made a couple of changes to how it can be used to how the care package is called will be displayed on the mini map and more so be sure to check out the In the description below for more details the replay editor system has received some major updates as well both camera movement and key frame options have been simplified in optimized even through the see all the changes for yourself check out our detailed video also link in the description below if you're interested in creating epic pub di videos from your content blogging now give it a test for that's it for today's Patrick for you to read the full patch notes head on over to pub dot com or follow the pageants link down below

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