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Love to see it.

Posted 7 months ago in Music & Audio

Razi Manchi 7 months ago

Lol d girl is good 🤗🤗

My sister is a keyboardist and also plays band🌞🌞

Courage Ugochukwu 7 months ago

I do cherish ladies that know how to play any musical instrument

Sophia Eboigbodin 7 months ago

This makes me to remember a girl who used to play drum in my church ⛪. I was always impressed and she was less than 15 years of age and she played the drum so passionately.

Erimona Daniel Adu 7 months ago

Tomorrow the lazy ones would say it's because she's from a rich home that why she very good.🙄

Always having enough excuses for failure.

Well done darling.

Charles Charjoe Chukaokeke 7 months ago

It always feels nice to see ladies do what we think they ordinarily can’t do.

Also waiting for that day ladies will start sliding into men’s DM just to toast us. 😏

Ebuka Okafor 7 months ago

So is she the first female drummer in nigeria?
If it was someone like bubu maybe I would have watched with rapt attention.
Yabaright I see you don't have any news again.

Frank Okpala 7 months ago

She is so passionate in what she does.

Energetic and happy ♥️

Nelson Sunday 7 months ago

Choiiiii......I love playing instruments. Guitar specifically.

But am considering learning the drumbs

Fortune Obioha 7 months ago

Nice sound, hit your way to stardom

Kolawole Femi 7 months ago

The smile on her face says it all, carry on girl 💖💖💯💯