Alcohol Stove From a Can

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Alcohol Stove From a Can

Posted 7 months ago in Home & Garden

Mariea Alsup 7 months ago

I love you science experiments and that is cool

Randy Rode 7 months ago

I've built many penny alcohol stoves. Same concept different design. One ounce of airbrake antifreeze will boil 2 cups of water in 3min and continue to boil for a total of 10min.

Jing Pingol 7 months ago

Cool vid but you should wear safety gloves when cutting aluminum cans. I feel sorry for your fingers.

Tony Lagana 7 months ago

A hammer is a hammer, pliers are a hammer- everything else is a chisel

Anthony Lynch 7 months ago

Each board is missing a chip or two it use to be chip wins but u can buy them on line now that charger I shown is crystals people

Charlie Harley 7 months ago

Dude I've watched you make a thousand of these let's see something new

Jesse Elam 7 months ago

Sophisticated mouse trap/water collector. I like

Michael Feltham 7 months ago

I can see someone slicing a finger!

Junior Bejarano 7 months ago

A big/wide can would be sick like a fosters beer can.

Steven A. Strength 7 months ago

Classic. Made one years ago after seeing your video and it works great.