Scavenger Loot Box 2: The Struggle

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Damn that was Intense! 😅 #Warzone

Posted 1 year ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Grayson Tyler 10 months ago

I think its funny that it wont let you climb over that but instantly makes you climb all the shit you dont want in the game. Modern warfare doesnt care about the game. They only care about the money they make.

Matt Maki 1 year ago

I’ve never watched a worse video.. Besides 2G1C

Zach Morgan 10 months ago

This one you need a vehicle for.... sooo annoying and its always the second scavenger so nobody can land on it

Greg Semans 7 months ago

I hate that box that spawns on that roof

Lou Yang 1 year ago

How is this player not dead yet? 😂

James Atkinson Jr. 10 months ago

It hurt to watch this lmfao.

For this scavenger I usually get the truck at the firehouse. It's most likely always there and it's not far

Cameron Morgan 1 year ago

Like also there was a big building in the background to jump off instead of going all that trouble to find a car haha

Michael Pidge Hackleton 11 months ago

Players on pc with speed up on 10 makes it look glitchy as fuck surprised they don't have a seizure from flicking

Mark Bomber 1 year ago

All he had to fucking do in the first video for that 2nd supply box was just jump off the building and immediately press for the parachute

Tom Kyne 9 months ago

Hate that bloody building i had the same thing