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The ladies ain’t gona like this video

Courtney Lynne Stevens
Courtney Lynne Stevens4 months ago

I mean. Can't make money off a dad who takes care of his kids. 🤷‍♀️

Michelle Shallowhorn
Michelle Shallowhorn4 months ago

Like I get what she’s trying to say, but her points for the most part are anomalies. She talked about condoms as if they were the most unreasonable thing on the planet. married people should use condoms if they don’t want kids. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Men don’t have to rely on trusting a woman to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Wrap it up. Simple. If someone is offended by your choice to use a condom or some other birth control, then maybe you shouldn’t have sex with that person. And at the end she talked about leaving a baby with an agency or a fire station, you can only do that for the first three days of the kid’s life. After that you’re still responsible. It’s a super narrow window and anyone, father or mother, can do it. Some of these things could be simple conversations but we get “caught up in the moment” and lose our common sense.

Telessa Weatherspoon
Telessa Weatherspoon4 months ago

Can someone summarize? Cause I’m not giving her 6:13 of my life.

Silina Edmonds
Silina Edmonds4 months ago

At first i brushed it off because I thought this was a man.

Michele Wilson Delaney
Michele Wilson Delaney4 months ago

Life is about choices. Not sure how that is a revelation or news. One of her points may not even be legally possible in some states. But then I chose to not watch the rest of the video so…. Y’all watch the rest of it and tell me what you think. God bless her.

Keeana Monique
Keeana Monique4 months ago

This was such rubbish that I only made it about 50 seconds in.

Chaunna Wright Hill
Chaunna Wright Hill4 months ago

Ill just put it this way. A man can have sex 365 days a year with different woman each day and if shes unprotected theres a great possibility that he will have several, maybe many children born the next year. A woman can do the same thing and will have only one child the next year. Who needs to be more concerned.

Jones Bea
Jones Bea4 months ago

I am bothered that men are supplying semen to women that they don't want children with. Women's Birth control methods are not 100%. Guard you "baby batter" Fellas. This woman is high and jaw jabbing and trying to get praise from men. Responsible men don't have these issues. She must be a victim of a weird woman birthing. You can't give up semen and get mad when a woman makes a bun with it.

Rhonda Smith
Rhonda Smith4 months ago

I still look at child support the same..

Soraya Harrison
Soraya Harrison4 months ago

I couldn't go beyonf 30 secs. She Irks my soul.