Overtime - Hesi just DUMB CLEAN tho 🥶 (via jahswish/IG)

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Hesi just DUMB CLEAN tho 🥶 (via jahswish/IG)

Posted 1 year ago in Sports

Dâvë Gúàppø 1 year ago

Definetly up and down but this street ball they don’t call nothin but traveling

Tyler Thompson 1 year ago

In no ref but wasnt that a double dribble

Leo Avila 1 year ago

Well poor dude in red shorts don’t even know how to play 🤦🏽‍♂️

Roberto Terrero 1 year ago

Double drible

Chris Lind 1 year ago

Whats he carrying a loaf of bread?

Matty Patton 1 year ago

Davin made that move famous. Caught me one too many times with it🤦‍♂️

Justin Gilkey 1 year ago

Stephen A L Anderson found an old video of you

Katherine Prado 1 year ago

Diego Escobedo why they showing vids of me hoopin you up?

Juan Aguino 1 year ago

Jeremy Anaya dude he crossed in white I swear looks like you😂😭