Trump HUMILIATED By Election Results

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2019 Election: Trump is NOT HAPPY about election results, which show that impeachment talks are ENERGIZING voters throughout the country.

Blue wave 2.0?...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Anissa Mercado 1 year ago

Well then dont cover up #Epstein and #PhonePorts #PakzadMarketing #IsabelPakzadandAssociates .

Theresa Bennett 1 year ago

Trump is a worthless piece of shit always has been and always will

Janet Mansfield 1 year ago

Sounds like Trump has hurt his base. I am an independent, by the way.

Beverly Gonzales 1 year ago

Now he's begging

James White 1 year ago

Christopher Jaquez 1 year ago

Lmao trump needs his voters to vote for him again but let’s find out most of them passed away because of him

Robert Poirier 1 year ago

Oh yes you can

A Rachell 1 year ago

Good news worth being repeated!!

Mary J. Reed 1 year ago

So Trump doesn't want to suffer a humiliating loss. It's not about what he'll do for the country. It's about embarrassment. Trump did two interviews where he couldn't tell us his goals for his second term. So, why would I vote for him?