Requiring ID Is Not Voter Suppression

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Posted 4 months ago in Social Issues

Robyn Hernandez 4 months ago

My husband's family is Hispanic and came to the U.S. from Bogota, S. America. My mother-in-law didn't work outside the home, didn't speak a lot of English, and never learned to drive....yet she managed to get an ID. It wasn't a driver's license, just purely used for ID. I just don't believe it's that difficult to get an ID, no matter the obstacles. It's a matter of putting the effort forward to get it done!

Kimberly Marie 4 months ago

Its down and out people. Say you have a fire 🔥 you lose everything will every state has a cost to get your stuff back.15.00 to who knows 70 to get one brithcertfit. Family of 4...but you need a address to get it ....SS look that its free but you need address mail brithcertfit so one it takes few week .it can take up to 6 months to get paper work back with a family of 4...yes smart anuff just a lot of fool who don't understand it...

Jody Hershberger 4 months ago

I don't understand why there is a problem with showing an ID or why anyone would call it voter suppression to require a person who wants to vote to show their ID. In my state in order to vote you need to register. When you register you need to show an ID along with other information. sooooo why do they have a problem showing that same ID when they vote? Am I missing something?

Teresa Estrada 4 months ago


Julie Ann Brandsma 4 months ago

Democrats loved voter ID until they figured out a new better way to cheat.

Nadine Jackson 4 months ago

Do you get food stamps? Do you get welfare? Do you get housing assistance? If you answer YES, then requiring a photo id to vote is NOT voter suppression.
You MUST have a photo id to do any of these things.

Angela Michelle Rojo 4 months ago

If you can't figure out how to get an ID, you really should not be voting. A very sple task.

Susan Rob Tate 4 months ago

They might both be right Candice makes the point that people need an ID to vote and they are not so stupid that they can't get one, but Newsom also has a point, that the Democrats are scrounging around trying to get votes from people that are too stupid to get one, in their eyes. If people are that mentally challenged and can't get an ID, maybe they are not smart enough to make an informed decision at the polls. My statement does not specify any race or ethnic background.

Keri Booth Davis 4 months ago

If they don’t have it, it’s they’re responsibility to get it. The only suppressed voters would be illegal voters.

Wayne Stephens 4 months ago

No, but promoting racism as the left does is wrong, too.