Review Jadhav death order: ICJ tells Pakistan

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In a massive victory for India, the ICJ, in a 15:1 verdict, has granted consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav and directed Pakistan to review and...

Posted 2 years ago in Politics

Hasnain Sheikh 2 years ago

#Khulbhushan Verdict is THIS SIMPLE:

Acquittal: DENIED.

Release: DENIED.

Repatriation to India: DENIED

Consular Access: GRANTED

Death Penalty: REQUEST To Be Reviewed

Do Not Let Anyone Fool You. Decide for yourself.

Soumyakanta Senapati 2 years ago

Pakistan doesn't have guts to hang him..and if it does..ISI ll be studied in the history book of Pakistan

Ashraf Chopan 2 years ago

Massive Victory?? Hmm.. horribly overstated. Infact downright lie.

Tauqeer Tanoli 2 years ago

International Court of Justice #ICJ #KulbhushanVerdict detailed

Favour of 🇵🇰
⭕ Release denied
⭕ Repatriation denied
⭕ Acquittal denied
⭕ Annulment of military court decision denied
⭕ ICJ accepted that Jhadav is Indian spy
⭕ ICJ Accepted he was doing terrorism in Pakistan
⭕Decision made by the Military Court has not been annulled.
⭕Pakistan to review "by the means of its choosing".
⭕Pakistan reserves the right to refuse Councillor access since the verdict is non binding
Favour of India 🇮🇳

☑️ KBJ will get consular access
☑️ Death Sentence Upheld temporarily
☑️ Review of Decision
☑️ 15-1 judges agrees with point 1.2.3 in favour to India


Sisir Bhattacharjee 2 years ago


Muhammad Bilal Afzal 2 years ago

First nation to celebrate failure

Usman Haider 2 years ago

ICJ didn't say anywhere in its verdict regarding release of Kulbhushan. I guess it implies that Pakistan stance of Kulbhushan being involved in terrorist activities got more substansive.

Ranjit Datta 2 years ago

That’s great news. I pray the man comes back to his loved ones and land though he has lost so much time

Ammar Haider 2 years ago

he proved to be a spy and terrorist. in this way india is proved as a terrorist country and peace breaker of the region

Pranita Pathak 2 years ago