Sandy Hook PSA

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TERRIFYING! And hard to watch.😢 Students use their back-to-school supplies to defend themselves against a school shooter.


Posted 2 years ago in Social Issues

Michael Villarreal 1 year ago

Guns are bad Eric Lewis

Literati Lana 2 years ago

I don’t know that I could send my children to school, these days.

Kelly Heckman 2 years ago

I see a lot of demanding safety of our children being placed on schools and government smh. Some people saying schools teachers and others need to do more.
But what about the parents and doctors who should be listening and watching and treating those who do these horrible things? Or who could possibly do them? What about mental health? Between shootings, suicides and bullying where are the parents?!!! We need to be more aware of our kids and be more hands on. Stop pointing fingers at our schools, government, teachers and staff to do something about it and look what you are doing to be there for our kids and for their friends? Get the screens out of yours and their faces and be a family. Talk, sit and have dinner. Do date night with your kids. Invite their friends over for dinner hell have their parents come too. Communication with our kids by actually talking to them. Call them instead of texting even for the most trivial thing. That way they will come to you when down or if they have a concern.

Norma Claudia Aranda-Figueroa 2 years ago

Sad, but true! Kids today do not feel the safety we felt when we went to school and that is so sad.

Jennifer Garcia 2 years ago

It's heartbreaking that we've had to resort to this but we have to prepare our children. I remember going through scenarios with my son and brother when my son was 4 and brother 17, regarding home invasions and what to do. Sadly it's become a part of our life....

Corey Mainz 2 years ago

Why in the hell would you make a commercial like this.
This is ridiculous.
Promoting fear in kids and highlighting the terror they instill to would be school terrorist.
Tell you what instead of showing kids being scared why not put out a commercial advertising the shoot to the head of the would be terrorist.
Having brave cops or even hero civilians running up with their gun and graphically shooting the shooters and then turning to the camera and saying something like.
"I love my ____ rifle or handgun, it really effectively killed the SOaB"

Michael Olivarri 2 years ago

Parents need to be engaged in the children’s lives. Raise them them with values and respect for not only themselves but others as well.

Sharon Evans 2 years ago

Wow so hard to see but it is so true the children our children worry about might happen can’t even enjoy school prayer for the safety and they all grow up and love and enjoy school days. My Lord surround our children with the hedge of protection

Melissa A. Vicuña-Rodriguez 2 years ago

Good God what is our world coming to when our kids can’t be safe @ school my heart breaks!

Letty Sandoval 2 years ago

It’s so sad that kids have to go through this.