Biden: Pentagon Giving Taliban Info on Americans Heading to Kabul

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Biden: Pentagon Giving Taliban Info on Americans Heading to Kabul

Posted 2 months ago in Politics

Lorrie Umandap Smith 2 months ago

Can you imagine giving list of names to enemies and think these enemies will really let them pass thru. So stupid. He needs to be court martialed With his failure, terrorism will be alive again. Americans will not be safe anymore in and out of the country.

Cheryl Myers Pavuk 2 months ago

Absolutely no words for this asinine behavior.

Ken Heis 2 months ago

As Commander n Chief He needs to be Court Marshalled...

Lisa Greene 2 months ago

I pray our troops know that America is mad!!!! The wicked, weak and woke leaders of this country do not represent the people and we stand behind and pray daily for the real hero’s that sacrifice for us!!❤️🙏

Sherry Lee 2 months ago

We should all be lighting up our representatives phones and demanding he face impeachment

Scott C. Kaufman 2 months ago

Treason..... humanitarian death sentence, leaving billion of our tax funded equipment for a known enemy. Bankrupting the country..... Playing the shell game with the people...... Time for them to go has passed..... This goes much deeper than our government.

Gracie Marabuto 2 months ago

Does no one realize that it's not Biden , he is the fall guy , he doesn't even know who he is

Kevin H Sullivan 2 months ago

What a lying sack of shit , he gave the order to abandon Bagram , dozens of military leaders have said the President gave the order . He also gave the order to abandon 85 billion dollars worth of deadly military cache , also gave the order to pull troops out and leave American civilians to fend for themselves. HE MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!

Chris Nuss Spindler 2 months ago

Someone get the flipping hook and get this guy out of there! He’s so friendly to discuss evacuations plans with the Taliban, he should go himself and and lead them out. I’m sure he’ll get a pass through.
Unbelievable the blundering and babbling going on!

Vidal Gonzales 2 months ago

The more everything develops, the more it sounds like this is all concocted. They seriously can't be this stupid of an administration! They just hand over $80B in military hardware, God knows how much cash (our tax dollars) and hundreds of not thousands of hostages! Not to mention at least 100 "refugees" that were flagged as terrorists escorted right into our country? This administration has not done a single thing right since Jan! The entire admin needs to be removed from office, now!