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Kim and Barry Plath are committed to raising their kids sheltered from technology and pop culture...but can they stay that way forever?...

Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies

Brenda Watson, C.N.C. 8 months ago

It is odd that they eat healthy food so why is she so overweight??

Angela Wright-Stevens 1 year ago

They want to keep their kids sheltered from technology, pop culture, refined sugar, but hey lets invite TLC over to make a reality show, sponsored in part by Snickers !

Elizabeth Atkinson 1 year ago

I don't think Barry and Kim realize that they are setting their children up for failure and letting them be naive of the real world including forcing them to give up education. Enjoying life is about making mistakes and growing from them, which they're desperately trying not to let them have.

Kristen Camez 1 year ago

To me this an example of two scared people who chose to cut themselves off from the world and now are passing their fears to their children. No matter how hard change is it happens every day and one job of parents is to prepare their children for change and the tools to cope with change. Without these tools children cannot cope and then resentment against the parents comes into play. This puts the children in a horrible situation, listen to your parents fear or prepare for the real world, it’s not right. Parents can still raise great children and prepare them for the real world. Teach your children to be good people but not fools or victims.

Sandra Blair Rogers 1 year ago

Everyone sees things differently. We homeschooled our daughter and she wasn't allowed to do alot of things that's considered acceptable today. She is now an adult, married, with three children of her own. She also homeschools her children. She is an artist and a published author and her her husband has a Ph.D. I would say, she did well in her life so far, so we have no regrets, nor does she. In this day of many things being called "normal", why judge anyone ?

Joann Rotenberry 1 year ago

My mother was like her with the rules, short leash, and total control....I left as soon as
I could...never did have a good relationship with her...I feel for those kids..

Susan Bales-Pate 1 year ago

She tries to keep them dependent on her for the rest of their lives. Putting them on "lock down" is only making them push away. It's okay to have rules. But come on, all you hear is no no no no.

Diana Laborde Harper 1 year ago

So sad. She is ruining her relationship with her kids. She would rather have her way than just let them be who they are

Marisa 1 year ago

The father looks like a predator and the mom is nuts... I feel sorry for what they have gone through in life with the loss of their child and their bad childhood but that doesn't mean you should give your children consequences for things that happened in your past.

Nancy Cross Hall 1 year ago

Our job as parents is to raise our children to be independent of us.