Genius gardening ideas

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Genius gardening ideas

Posted 8 months ago in Home & Garden

MetDaan DIY 8 months ago

Huge thanks to TEO Garden for this video. Check out their Youtube Channel for more videos here:

Martha Redd 8 months ago

The answer is...Yes this video makes me feel like gardening. Thank You. 👏♥️🌞🙋‍♀️

Saurabh Batra 8 months ago

But in this small size of bottle what ll u grow.??? This idea is only for money plant

Lori Carter Stewart 8 months ago

My dad used to make bird houses out of coconut shells

Mary Agard 8 months ago

I have things already plant in Coconut shells they make lovely pots

Lewis Randall 8 months ago

just go into the garden and pick coconuts - easy!

Bernal-Abarca Pancho 8 months ago

He should make a sandals first then a work bench etc.......

Lohrii Tokho 8 months ago

Why should I waste my time on this

Issam Ghadie 6 months ago

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Donna Archer 8 months ago

Can hold a lot of plants