Fireside Chat Ep. 159 — The Election: A Divided Nation

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The United States held a presidential election last week, and though the result is still yet to be determined, one thing is clear: Americans have very...

Posted 11 months ago in Politics

Steve Lowry 11 months ago

Americans, by in large, have always lived in isolation from everything outside their borders.

Lesley Kirby-Hirst 11 months ago

Unfortunately Donald Trump and his cabinet do not make people get the concquenc of their actions, nobody pays for their crimes in the White House so they get what they allow.

Lois Brown Bowers 11 months ago

I love you Dennis Prager! You make sense out of nonsense! Thank you very much!

Jeff McCoy 11 months ago

“The purpose of life isn’t just to live... it’s to live fully” - insightful 👍

Patty Bramlet McWhorter 11 months ago

President Trump has approximately 259,000 vote deficit in these 5 states.
Still counting November 12th
Current Trump deficits in each state:
Arizona down 11,000-pop 7,378,490
Georgia down 14,000-pop 10,736,100
Michigan down 145,000-10,045,000
Nevada down 36,000-pop 3,139,660
Pennsylvania down 53,000-population 12,820,900
Recounts are done if there is a one percent or less of a deficit.
Nevada turned off the signature verification feature. It is a law that signatures must be verified.
Pennsylvania has a lot of alleged voter fraud and possibly law breaking issues.

Trebor Nworb 11 months ago

I encourage everyone to take the time to watch this entire thing. And educate yourselves. These are 3 very well educated men, software engineers, data analysts, with multiple PHDs. 1 a Democrat, 1 a Republican, 1 an Independent. With no agenda but truth and upholding integrity. Algorithms have been used to manipulate this election. 0% chance of this NOT happening. Truth will prevail.

Ken Younos 11 months ago

Lefties are not just different from conservatives, they're not psychologically normal people. If we continued to allow them to share this republic with us, they will destroy the republic and force all of us to live under totalitarianism.

Abram Patricia Femyer 11 months ago

Love you, Dennis! We can't allow this to happen!!!

William Arthur Spencer 11 months ago

The only way Trump will make it to 270 is if he looses 50 pounds 😇

Donna Stallone 11 months ago

Another Brilliant conversation. The war against truth-!